12 Moments From the New Once Ad That Gave Us Life

Last updated June 11th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
12 Moments From the New Once Ad That Gave Us Life

The romantic Tony Award-winning musical Once released a brand-new TV spot and we cannot stop watching it. It grabs you in way that only this show (about an Irish guy and a Czech woman who fall in love through music) can.

The 12 Things We Felt Watching the 30-Second Spot:

  • Wow. Joanna Christie is gorgeous.

  • Paul Alexander Nolan looks perfect as Guy.

  • The ensemble really makes this show magical.

  • *Sigh* When Joanna Christie touches her heart.

  • These camera angles are ridiculous.

  • Did she just twirl onto the bar in one fluid movement?

  • The music is gorgeous.

  • Paul Nolan is giving heartbroken really well.

  • Joanna’s accomplishes a full soliloquy in that sigh at the 21-second mark.

  • Gee, Once won a lot of awards.

  • And Guy and Girl's eye contact…done.

  • Damn, I need to see Once again.

Four Moments Worth a Double Take:

Once- Broadway- GIF- Joanna Christie

Once- Broadway- GIF- Paul Nolan

Once- Broadway- GIF- Ensemble

Once- Broadway- GIF- Joanna Christie- Paul Nolan

'Once' plays at Broadway's Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.