Jay Armstrong Johnson Live Feinstein's/54 Below Album Is Beyond! Prepare to Be Slayed

Last updated October 28th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Jay Armstrong Johnson Live Feinstein's/54 Below Album Is Be…

Broadway's Jay Armstrong Johnson returns to Feinstein's/54 Below Saturday, October 30 for a concert performance of his new, live Broadway Records album. BroadwayBox made JaJ the soundtrack to our day (and you should too). Scroll on as I react in animated GIF to hearing each track for the first time.

1.  Love Runs Out

Jay Armstrong Johnson- Love Runs Out- Live at 54
Hell yeah. I am feeling this; this is cool. He sounds awesome and it’s totally danceable. I’m feeling fierce already.

2.  "Welcome..."

Sister Act 2 GIF- Hi GIF
Banter track: Jay’s life and concert was directly impacted by the seminal film “Sister Act 2”.

3.  His Eye is on the Sparrow/Oh Happy Day

Jay Armstrong Johnson- Oh Happy Day- Live at 54
I sure AF felt the spirit during that “Oh Happy Day”. #Bless

4.  "Peter Pan..."

Mary Martin GIF- Peter Pan GIF- I'm Flying GIF
Banter track: Jay starred as Peter Pan as a kid and that leads to a song from RSO’s “Darling”.

5.  Lost Boy

Lost Boy- Jay Armstrong Johnson

6.  "Texas..."

Jay Armstrong Johnson GIF- Hands on a Hardbody GIF- I'm Gone GIF- Allison Case GIF
Banter track: He’s from Texas, did "Hands on a Hardbody" & he misses driving & singing.

7.  Banjo

Steel Magnolias GIF- Dancing GIF
This is the kind of song you want on all your favorite playlists: shower, driving, pounding the pavement, drankin’, etc.

8.  I Don't Need Anything But You [feat. Lindsay Mendez]

Val GIF- Broad City GIF
SO jazzy, and that sax solo was everything. I wanted a cocktail and a smoke just to listen.

9.  "Romeo and Juliet..."

Well I Got IT GIF
Banter track: Jay got the role of Romeo in school and in a cool, new Jeff Buckley musical.

10.  Everybody Here Wants You

Debbie Allen GIF- Wicked GIF- Fame GIF
Damn! That was sexy and smooth, and as Debbie Allen once said during Leroy’s FAME audition, “wicked”. It was listening to peak Prince.

11.  Johanna

He's Beautiful GIF
First, that transition from track 10 to 11 was seamless. Second, that song was GORGEOUS.

12.  "On The Town..."

Jay Armstrong Johnson GIF- Todrick Hall GIF- Color GIF
Banter track: Jay could always eat Popeyes chicken after “On the Town”, and he and Todick Hall have been besties since their Chuckie Cheese music video days.

13.  The Chicken Song [feat. Todrick Hall]

Dorothy I dig it gif
A love song about fried chicken…I’m down with it.

14.  "Hair..."

Hair GIF- Revival Broadway
Banter track: Jay talks about his Broadway debut in “Hair”, the movement, and that his bf’s bestie (Billy Lewis Jr.) did his same track on tour

15.  MEDLEY:  What a Piece of Work is Man/Lay Me Down/How Dare They Try [feat. Billy Lewis Jr.]

Alyssa Edwards GIF- Death drop GIF- Drag Race All Stars 2 GIF-
Yeah, that track slayed me. Knocked me right out.

16.  "Best friends..."

Alanis GIF- Ironic GIF
Banter track: Road trip, best friend, car crash, & the curse of Alanis.

17.  Thank U [feat. Amanda Williams Ware]

Dolly and Kelly Clapping GIF
I’m a sucker for a good Alanis cover and this one gave me one step beyond life. Beautiful. One of my favorite tracks on the whole album.

18.  "Brooklyn..."

Mix tape GIF- Avenue Q GIF
Banter track: Jay had a quarter-life crisis and made some mix tapes.

19.  Who Knows Who Cares

Jay Armstrong Johnson- Who Knows Who Cares
That sounded like a song right off the radio or someone’s hip Spotify playlist.

20.  "Dad..."

Banter track: Jay’s dad is a drummer & a classic rock fan

21.  Rosanna

Donna dancing GIF- Jay Armstrong Johnson Album
Another insta-classic. Great cover. I was dancing full-out.

22.  Encore: Gavin's Song

Sister Act GIF- Maggie Smith GIF
Maggie Smith at the end of “Sister Act” and me at the end of this wonderful album.

Download the album today and see Jay Armstrong Johnson perform it live at Feinstein's/54 Below on October 30.