The Last Five Years, Smash & The Fans: It’s All in the Set List with 54 Below’s Jeremy Jordan

Last updated October 24th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
The Last Five Years, Smash & The Fans: It’s All in the Set …

Stage and screen star Jeremy Jordan makes his New York solo concert debut at 54 Below with the highly-anticipated new show Breaking Character. The Newsies Tony nominee takes the stage October 27 through November 13, and BroadwayBox caught up with him recently for a 10-question interview in which he had to respond to each question with a song from the set list of Breaking Character (and since some of the set list is secret, we have some doubles).

1. Song to describe your childhood:
"Santa Fe."

2. Song to describe how you feel about New York City:
"Losing My Mind."

3. Song to describe a typical Saturday night:
"Broadway Here I Come"—Saturday night on Broadway.

4. Song to describe your wife Ashley Spencer:
A cut song from the set list called "Revelation." It might reappear...

5. Song to describe your Last Five Years experience:
I'll just give the cheesy answer, "Moving Too Fast."

6. Song to describe your time on Smash:
There's a song that I wrote called "Good Enough."

7. Song to describe your Broadway career:
I would say "Moving Too Fast" again. [Begins at 2:45 in the video below]

8. Song to describe your fans:
"More Than Words."

9. Song to describes your favorite meal:
I have a song called "Chipotle."

10. Song you’d use as the Jeremy Jordan theme song:
I would go and say "Good Enough" again.

Jeremy Jordan's Breaking Character runs October 27 through November 13 at 54 Below.