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Costume Extravaganza

In the Closet With Anika Larsen! Broadway's Beautiful Fashions on Parade

January 31st, 2014 by

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In the Closet With Anika Larsen! Broadway's Beautiful Fas...

Anika Larsen takes on music legend (and Carole King’s dearest friend) Cynthia Weil in the hit Broadway musical Beautiful. And while the show is billed as The Carole King Musical, it’s hard to take your eyes off Larsen, with her astonishing supporting performance, full voice and gorgeous costumes. Luckily for BroadwayBox, Larsen agreed to tell us all about her wonderful Alejo Vietti dresses in a new feature titled In the Closet With.

"I have such beautiful (yeah, I said it) costumes in Beautiful! Our costume designer Alejo Vietti has outdone himself. My character, Cynthia Weil, is notoriously chic—Carole King says Cynthia taught her how to dress—and it’s noted in the script how stylish Cynthia is. So I knew Alejo would have to throw down, and throw down he did! Choosing a favorite costume would be like choosing which of my children I love most. I adore them all for different reasons."

Costume I Wear First

“And for the longest, and in most press photos.”

Costume That Makes Me Feel the Tallest

Costume that Makes Me Feel the Most Like a Lyricist at Work

Costume That Makes Me Feel the Most Like the Redhead from Mad Men

Costume I Get the Most Feedback On

“People love this coat, and rightly so.”

Costume I Have Plotted Most to Craft a Mission-Impossible-Style Perfect Crime to Steal from the Theater in a Way That No One Would Suspect Me

“Difficult to pull off since everyone in the theater knows I love this dress so much I want to marry it.”

Costume That Helps Me Understand Why Women Finally Wearing Pants Was Such an Act of Liberation

Costume That Most Makes Me Want to Go to a Barbecue Pool Party

Costume That Made Me the Most Excited When I Saw it as a Sketch

Costume That Most Makes Me Want to Sing “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”

Costume I Wear Last

“And makes me feel the most like Jackie Kennedy Onassis.”