From Machinal to Wicked, Broadway’s Sexiest Two-Timers

Last updated February 5th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
From Machinal to Wicked, Broadway’s Sexiest Two-Timers

Broadway is embracing the whole “grass is always greener” mentality as it pertains to romantic relationships. It seems everywhere you look someone on the Great White Way is cheating on someone else. And while cheating is never cool, these six Broadway shows sure make it look sexy.

Young Woman & Lover in Machinal

Machinal- Cheaters
Their names really say it all. Not to mention that the affair was so hot it led to murder.
Photo by Joan Marcus

Roxie Hart & Fred Casely in Chicago

Chicago- Cheater
Still sexy, even though every affair in 'Chicago' ends with someone getting killed.
Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Francesca Johnson & Robert Kincaid in The Bridges of Madison County

Bridges of Madison County - Cheaters
The affair between a housewife and a photographer takes the crown for sexiest and most romantic.
Photo by Joan Marcus

Elphaba & Fiyero in Wicked

Wicked- Cheaters
Before fans lose their minds, there’s no denying these two had an emotional affair, and poor Glinda got the short end of the wand.
Photo by Joan Marcus

Sibella & Monty Navarro in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder- Cheaters
Despite the fact that both were married to other people, Sibella and Monty's affair was too hot to simmer.
Photo by Joan Marcus

Gerry Goffin & Etc, Etc, Etc in Beautiful

Beautiful- Cheater
Gerry Goffin was two-timing Carole King all over town! And though we should hate him, there’s just something about this charmer…
Photo by Joan Marcus