Trip of Love's Austin Miller Takes on Seven Questions All About Life in the Swinging '60s

Last updated September 29th, 2015 by Austin Miller
Trip of Love's Austin Miller Takes on Seven Questions All A…

America’s most fun decade, the ‘60s, is back—for real—thanks to the big, off-Broadway extravaganza Trip of Love.

It’s a big song and dance show that tells the story of one unsuspecting young girl looking for love throughout the ‘60s and features some of the time’s most famous tunes (“White Rabbit”, “Born to be Wild”, “California Dreaming” and dozens more).

Austin Miller- Trip of Love

Actor and model Austin Miller makes his off-Broadway debut in the show, and you might remember Miller as “Hot Danny” (obvi) in the Grease reality show You’re The One That I Want.

BroadwayBox caught up with Austin to get his perspective on the music, fashion and celebs that made the 1960s so beloved.

1. The ‘60s dance move I am going to bring back single handedly:
I'd have to say the Mashed Potato. But I was a really chunky kiddo. Maybe that explains it.

2. The ‘60s scene I would have been so into:
That one is tough: most likely something anti-war or fighting for racial equality. Although being part of Andy Warhol's entourage would be pretty alluring.

Andy Warhol Hippie

3. The most played song on my iTunes from that era is probably:
Oh man. On my personal iTunes it would probably be Kenny Roger's "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town". I really like country music. It's basically a song about a guy who went to Vietnam and got his legs shot off and now his wife is a skank. Nice and light. But anything by Jimmy Webb: "Up Up and Away" and songs of that ilk.

4. My all-time ‘60s crush would have to be:
Ann Margret. Duh. One of the finest examples of the female form.

Ann margaret - bye bye birdie- gif

5. The TV show from the ‘60s I still love:
Bewitched. I always used to think my Aunt Marcie looked like Samantha Stevens. I always half expected her to twitch her nose and make magic.

Bewitched GIF

6. ‘60s fashion I’d totally rock outside the theatre:
Right now I'm sitting here in my dressing room in the most exquisite pair of leather pants a cow ever had to die for. Thanks Gregg Barnes. I also like the Mondrian prints.

60s clothes and fashion

7. My ‘60s spirit animal is:
Tom Jones is an animal, right? Live fast. Rock a perm. Have a renaissance in your middle age. He's a super stud.

Tom Jones GIF

Get your 1960s fix at the Little Shubert Theatre where Austin Miller and the cast of Trip of Love will have you dancing in the aisles.