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Laura Heywood (@BroadwayGirlNYC) & Steve Schonberg Suggest 5 Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2015

October 23rd, 2015 by

Laura Heywood (@BroadwayGirlNYC) & Steve Schonberg Suggest …

Steve Schonberg (Center On the Aisle, NBC’s Today In New York) and Laura Heywood (Twitter maven @BroadwayGirlNYC) team up to celebrate Halloween the Broadway way at Feinstein’s/54 Below. The October 30 show titled Ghost Light will blend some of The Rialto’s most notorious real life ghost stories with an eclectic mix of songs ranging from Sweeney Todd to “Thriller”. Joining the dynamic duo for the one-night-only concert are Broadway’s Keala Settle, Daisy Eagan, Stacy Sullivan, Christina Sajous & more.

Ghost Light

To help you get in the Halloween spirit (and solve that lurking ‘what am I dressing up as’ question), BroadwayBox enlisted Steve and Laura’s expertise to create five memorable Broadway-themed costumes.

Steve picks:

The costume: Jerry Mulligan, An American in Paris
Robbie Fairchild GIF- American in Paris Ballet

The Essential Item: Padding
Robbie Fairchild GIF

Wow! Robbie Fairchild has made his mark quickly in his Broadway debut, leading this incredibly gorgeous and not-to-be-missed production alongside Leanne Cope. But art aside, can we dish? Fairchild could have done an '80's infomercial for buns of steel! This ballet-turned-Broadway star is incredibly handsome and fit. So boys, get on your man-Spanx, pleated pants and some strategic padding to go as Broadway's latest leading man.

The costume: Anna Leonowens, The King and I
Kelli O'hara- King and I GIF- Shall we dance GIF

The Essential Item: Kid's fabric play tunnel
Kelli O'Hara Halloween

I love my leading ladies, but just a quick Google search and it's clear I have a favorite: the singing angel (with a wink and a wicked streak) known as Kelli O'Hara! Now, to go as her this year though is a trick, but a treat of a feat: unless you're ready to buy out Mood fabrics, how can you re-create one of her gorgeous costumes from The King and I that so famously took hundreds of hours and yard-after-yard of fabric to design? A DIY idea: a kid's fabric play tunnel. Remember those from childhood? Fabric, with circular wire hoops? A scissor, pliers, silk and glue, and you've got Anna's skirt... Slim fit!

Laura's picks:

The costume: Cat in the Hat on a Hot Tin Roof
Maggie the cat is alive gif

The Essential Item: Two needed for this— an alluring dress and a striped top hat.
Cat in the Hat on a Hot tin roof- halloween

It's ok to get a crazy here and mix things up. Can't decide what to go as this year? Pick and choose, and mash it up. Going out and want to be seen as sexy, but also approachable and fun? Slip into something worthy of the vixen Scarlett Johansson as Maggie the cat and something signaturely Seussical (remember that one?!) like the cat's famous red and white striped top hat.

The costume: Hands on a Hardbody, "Magic Mike the Musical Prequel"
Keala Settle- Hands on a Hardbody - GIF- Joy of the Lord

Photo by

The Essential Item: LOTS of plastic hands
Hands on a Hardbody- Halloween

"Can you lend me a hand?" is a totally appropriate request with this one. Hopefully our superstar cast member, Keala Settle, won't shoot me for this - since she earned a Tony nomination for the show— but let's all admit we had a moment at first, thinking it was about something totally other than a contest involving a car. Broadway burlesque perhaps? Was it Magic Mike the Musical's prequel? So, go as the confusion wearing a muscle shirt, packed with snacks with plastic hands glued all over. The snacks are great too throughout the night. Warning: snacking will lead to lesser-than-hardbody.

Steve & Laura's pick:

The costume: Daisy & Violet, Side Show
Side Show broadway- GIF- Emily Padgett- Erin Davie

The Essential Item: Industrial strength Velcro
Side Show Halloween

Daisy and Violet, the beautiful, yet-beautifully complex conjoined twins, are our spirit guides —or at least we're pretending so. And we've got our own side show: "Ghost Light," which we'll be hosting at Feinstein's/54 Below on October 30. This year, go as us or the stars of this all-too-soon shuttered songster. Lose your partner on Halloween night? 3M Velcro adhesive tape can give you the confidence to know you're backed by a strong hold, be it crossing the club or swooping in for a star selfie.

Don’t miss ‘Ghost Light’, a fun evening of Broadway ghost stories and beloved songs, at Feinstein’s/54 Below on October 30.