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Love, NYC & B'way: It's All in the Comden and Green Set List with On the Town Star Elizabeth Stanley

Last updated April 2nd, 2015 by Elizabeth Stanley
Love, NYC & B'way: It's All in the Comden and Green Set Lis…

Elizabeth Stanley is cracking audiences up as man-crazy Claire De Loone in the acclaimed Broadway revival of Comden and Green’s On the Town. (Her and Clyde singing “Carried Away” is a highlight of the musical!) And on April 6, Stanley and pals Andrew Rannells and Amy Spanger are doing an evening of Comden and Green tunes at Birdland in the show Carried Away. BroadwayBox caught up with the Company, Cry-Baby, Merrily We Roll Along alum recently for a 10-question interview in which she had to respond to each question with a song from the set list of Carried Away.

Song that most encapsulates my experience in On the Town:
"Just in Time." Before I booked On the Town at Barrington Stage Company, I was really questioning if I still wanted to pursue a life in theatre. I was reaching a crossroads and becoming more interested in all the other possible life-styles and places to live, etc. This job reignited my passion to keep at it!

Song to describe Andrew Rannells:
"It's Love." Andrew is just a gem. We met through our mutual friend, Cameron Adams, and I knew immediately I loved him. He manages to be genuine, humble, hilarious, generous...and insanely talented and handsome!

Song that sums up my relationship with NYC:
"Comes Once in a Lifetime." I suppose it's true everywhere, but the lyrics "...only once in a lifetime today comes by so live, live, live today..." feel especially relevant to my feelings about NYC. Live, live live!!!

Song to describe high-school-age me:
"100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man." Can you call high-school boys "men?" Doesn't matter, I wasn't any good at getting dates!

Song to describe Astoria and why I love it:
"Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me Tight". This song says "the best things in life [that] are free." Astoria feels very real to me. It's not very fancy, but manages to have what I need. And literally it's "holding" all I own!

Song that reminds me of love:
"My Unknown Someone." Hurry up Mr. Unknown!

Song that feels the most personal:
"Make Someone Happy." The verse of this tune really resonates.

Song I’d love to talk with Comden and Green about the creation of:
"Inspiration." This song is so batty! I'd love to have witnessed them thinking it up.

Song that expresses my sense of humor best:
"If". It's full of abreeves (abbreviations). Are you speaking my langs?

Song that I’d use as the Elizabeth Stanley personal theme song:
“Carried Away"

Make a date with Elizabeth Stanley and Andrew Rannells at Birdland on Monday April 6 at 7 PM.