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12 Reasons Why Pippin Is the Show You Should See This Summer

Last updated June 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
12 Reasons Why Pippin Is the Show You Should See This Summer

It took its sweet time but summer finally arrived in NYC. Let’s celebrate by seeing a Broadway show, but something you can relate to on many levels. And while it looks fun, you’ve never been a drag queen who makes shoes, a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter or a serial-killing social climber in Edwardian England; but you know what, you have been a young adult struggling to find your identify (who hasn’t?!) and that’s why you should see the Tony-winning musical Pippin.

Pippin- Gif-Broadway- Matthew James Thomas

1. The show is about young Prince Pippin, son of King Charlemagne, who graduates from university and now has to find his place in the world. Bonus: Broadway’s Pippin (Kyle Dean Massey) looks like this.

Kyle Dean Massey- Pippin- Shirtless
Photo by Joan Marcus

2. On the right/wrong day “Corner of the Sky” can make you cry. Who doesn’t want their life to be “something more than long?”

3. During his quest to find his purpose, young Pippin dabbles in war, sex, and politics.

Two out of three aint bad

4. Which leads to a complicated relationship with his parents.

Pippin- Broadway- GIF- Charlotte

5. And, like most of us, it turns out he only has a passing knowledge of how politics actually works.

Clueless GIF- Liberty

6. Because his grandmother is one of the most colorful characters in his life and will say pretty much anything.

Mean Girls- Nanna-

7. He struggles with self-doubt.

8. He has real concerns about peer-pressure.

Pippin- Broadway- Matthew James Thomas- Patina Miller

9. He uses dance to blow off steam.

Pippin- Broadway- GIF- Kyle Dean Massey- Ciara Renee

10. Pippin knows what it is to be super bored at work (probably because he’s so “extraordinary”) .

Office Space GIF

11. His closest crew are a bunch of clowns.

12. He takes a chance and falls in love with someone he doesn’t expect to and his whole life is changed.

Pippin- Rachel Bay Jones- Kyle Dean Massey
Rachel Bay Jones as Catherine & Kyle Dean Massey as Pippin in 'Pippin'
Photo by Joan Marcus

See yourself in Broadway’s ‘Pippin’ now at the Music Box Theatre.