The If/Then Cast Album Is Thrilling! Here's Why It's Our New Summer Jam

Last updated June 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
The If/Then Cast Album Is Thrilling! Here's Why It's Our Ne…

We’re big-time celebrating the If/Then original cast recording release by diving in track-by-track, gif-by-gif as we give devour the album for the first listen. And since this new musical by Tony and Pulitzer Prize winners Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey is all about a recently divorced woman (Tony winner Idina Menzel) returning to NYC for either love or for career—depending on which pal she follows out of the park—we’re reacting to this Tony-nominated score with the help of some of our favorite New York City ladies (Carrie Bradshaw, Liz Lemon, Holly Golightly, etc). So download your copy now and follow along.

1. Prologue

if/then- track 1
I'm ready.

2. What If (Idina Menzel & Company)

If/then - track 2
Oh yes, getting us started off on the right track.

3. It’s a Sign (LaChanze)

If/Then- track 3
Oh, just try not to move along with this song.

4. Map of New York (Jerry Dixon, Idina Menzel)

If/Then - Track 4
This song makes you want to pound the pavement Carrie Bradshaw style, going neighborhood to neighborhood.

5. You Never Know (James Snyder)

If/Then- Track 5

6. Ain’t No Man Manhattan (Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel, James Snyder, LaChanze & Jenn Colella)

If/Then- Track 6
So digging this album. The music feels so original but also accessible.

7. What the F**k? (Idina Menzel)

If/Then- Track 7
Oh this is catchy song/life motto.

8. Here I Go (Idina Menzel & James Snyder)

If/Then- Track 8
Just going to press repeat on this one for a sec...and add it to about four playlists.

9. You Don’t Need to Love Me (Anthony Rapp)

If/Then- track 9
Oh this song is heartbreaking.

10. No More Wasted Time (Idina Menzel, LaChanze, Jenn Colella & Tamika Lawrence)

If/Then- track 10
And that's how it's done ladies. Wow. Those harmonies.

11. Surprise (Company)

If/Then- track 11
There is absolutely nothing better than a big act one finale. This song just brings a smile to your face.

12. This Day/ Walking by a Wedding (Idina Menzel, James Snyder, Anthony Rapp, LaChanze, Jason Tam, Jenn Colella & Company)

If/then- Track 12
Oh, it's so easy to loose yourself in this track, and just as you're about to, it kicks up and you want to move again.

13. Hey, Kid (James Snyder)

If/Then- track 13
That was like modern musical theatre's equivalent to 'Carousel's "Soliloquy" and it emotionally wears you out. Bravo!

14. Some Other Me (Idina Menzel & Anthony Rapp)

If/Then- track 14
This song cuts to the core of the show. It's the perfect 'If/Then' song.

15. Best Worst Mistake (Jason Tam & Anthony Rapp)

If/Then- track 15
Classic love duet.

16. I Hate You (Idina Menzel & James Snyder)

If/Then- track 16
My gosh, Idina Menzel goes through it in this song.

17. A Map of New York [Reprise] (Jerry Dixon)

If/Then- Track 17

18. You Learn to Live Without (Idina Menzel)

If/Then- Track 18
The one and only Idina Menzel.

19. The Moment Explodes (Idina Menzel, Joe Aaron Reid)

If/Then- track 19

20. Love While You Can (Idina Menzel, LaChanze & Jenn Colella)

If/Then- Track 20
Jenn Colella's voice does not quit! And when you add LaChanze and's a party.

21. What Would You Do? (Jason Tam)

If/Then- Track 21
All right, let's brace for tears.

22. Always Starting Over (Idina Menzel)

If/then- Track 22
This song is pretty much everything: vocals, lyrics, music. It's the 'I Miss The Mountains' moment of 'If/Then.'

23. What If [Reprise] (Idina Menzel & Company)

if/then - track 23
Slam dunk. This album was a joy to listen to.

See this powerful score come to life in ‘If/Then’ at Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre