VIP Pass! A Look Inside Three of the Tony Awards’ Hottest Parties

Last updated June 9th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
VIP Pass! A Look Inside Three of the Tony Awards’ Hottest P…

BroadwayBox gives you a timeline of our evening covering three of the Tony Awards’ hottest parties: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and the O&M After-After Party at the Carlyle.

11:10 PM: The Tony Awards telecast ends, and editor Josh Ferri and photographer Jenny Anderson get changed into fancy clothes for some Broadway party-hopping. First stop: the party for this year’s Best Musical, Gentleman’s Guide.

11:40 PM: Arrive at Rock Center Café at 30 Rock for A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’s beautiful indoor/outdoor soiree. Cheers and congratulations float through the air.

Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder-Tony Awards-
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“It’s been four years and it’s mind-blowing. It feels too good to be true. And it’s my Broadway debut, and here we are in the middle of the ice rink—it’s insane. I’m ridiculously happy right now.” GGLAM star Lisa O’Hare

“I just wanted the [Hugh Jackman] hopping to be explained at some point after the hopping concluded.” Composer Ryan Scott Oliver

Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder-Lauren Worsham
Tony nominee Lauren Worsham and her dad.
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“Performing tonight was nerve-wracking. I wasn't even there; I was floating. No...I wont go watch it for a while.” Tony nominee Lauren Worsham

“In this season of stacked musicals, Gentleman’s Guide is not even supposed to be here, and now we have the big one. It’s crazy! We always just kept believing and persevering through. The winter was tough, but the minute we got those 10 Tony nominations, it just took off. And we started believing again and just started chasing it.” Tony-winning producer John Johnson

12:45 AM: We leave the 30 Rock and head over to Bobby Van’s on 50th Street to celebrate with Tony winner Jessie Mueller and the company of Beautiful. We enter (coincidentally) with Tony nominee Jarrod Spector, and the entire restaurant erupts in applause for him.

Beautiful- Tony Awards- Jarrod Spector- Barry Mann- Cynthia Weil -Anika Larsen
Jarrod Spector, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Anika Larsen
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“I never really dreamed this would happen. And I’m here with my family, and in some ways it doesn’t feel real but it is. That's the weird thing about this because it’s so wonderful but it is real. It’s a wild thing. It’s still soaking in.” Tony winner Jessie Mueller

“My advice to this year’s Tony winners is to just enjoy the moment.” Kinky Boots 2013 Tony winner Billy Porter

Beautiful- Tony Awards- Jarrod Spector- Barry Mann- Cynthia Weil -Anika Larsen
Jarrod Spector, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Anika Larsen
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“The Music Man rap was HOT! I was so sad because I was backstage about to go on to sing our stuff, and it was the one number I didn't get to see from the audience. I didn't get to jam to that shit! I wanted to raise the roof.” Tony nominee Anika Larsen

Beautiful- Tony Awards- Jarrod Spector- Barry Mann- Cynthia Weil -Anika Larsen
Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Anika Larsen and Jarrod Spector
Photo by Jenny Anderson
Beautiful- Tony Awards- Lillias White- Douglas Lyons
Lillias White and Douglas Lyons
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“The opening was just outrageous. It was tremendous. I loved it. What a way to open the show. And, of course, I loved what Beautiful did.” Tony winner Lillias White

“I think the beautiful thing about this show is that we all get a moment to interact with the audience during ‘Earth Move’ and live and dance and enjoy the music. It’s just a celebration of the piece itself and to share it with everyone tonight was a gift.” Beautiful co-star Douglas Lyons

“I saw that. I saw the joy you were all feeling being on the stage at Radio City Music Hall, with the thousands and thousands of people out there and the millions in their living room all just eating it up.” Lillias White

“A party must have good people and champagne. I’m drinking it tonight. Champagne is a celebratory beverage. [Beautiful] won a Tony tonight, and we’ve got to celebrate.” Tony nominee Brandon Victor Dixon

1:25 AM: Get a snapchat of Tyne Daly breaking it down on the dance floor at Gentleman’s Guide, so we hop back in a cab and return to 30 Rock.

“I’m super superstitious, so I have to have a dress the color of the show. So last year for Vanya, I wore an ice blue dress, and this year I had the challenge of having to pick an orange gown. It was not easy.” Tony-winning producer Sue Wagner

“Third drink/after 2 AM, then it’s totally acceptable to not wear shoes. It means you're a rock star if you’ve made it that long.” Les Miz star Caissie Levy.

1:45 AM: DJs AndrewAndrew are killing it! The dance floor is packed. They just play “Happy” and everyone goes wild (duh!). We head over to the Carlyle as the Gentleman’s Guide gang starts busting out their best ‘80s moves to “Footloose.”

Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder- Tony Awards- AndrewAndrew
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“The highlight of the evening was definitely Tyne Daly with a clown nose on dancing to ‘Turn Down for What.’ That was probably the moment that made our entire evening.” DJs AndrewAndrew

Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder- Tony Awards- Lisa O'Hare
Photo by Jenny Anderson

“You have to have an easily accessibly bar—once the bar gets too deep and you have to wait too long, you end up with a party full of frustrated guests. Number two: the music has to keep you going with a good combination of contemporary and throwback hits. And these guys are doing a great job. And three: keep it nice and cool. It’s easy to get hot and sweaty, but this is outdoors. So I’d say the Gentleman’s Guide party is kicking Tony ass.” Les Miz actor Andrew Kober.

2:00 AM: We arrive at O&M’s super swanky, super VIP, super star-studded Tony party at the Carlyle. So many stars: Tony winners galore, writers, producers, directors, journalists and a Real Housewife of New York City make this the place to be.

“Nothing could have ever prepared me for how amazing this party is. There are so many people here that I am either obsessed with or really care about, and it’s in a f*cking fancy hotel. There is no part of me [as a young girl] in Michigan that could have imagined this party.” Tony nominee Celia Keenan-Bolger

“For a party to be truly awesome you have to have friends, omelets and a lot of passion, which there clearly is in this room.” Actor Andrew Keenan-Bolger

“The three keys to throwing a killer party: fantastic people, music and glasses—not plastic cups.” O&M president Rick Miramontez.

“This is so cheesy, but in my purse is my phone for photos—because I’m a big photo person and I love capturing the moment—and lip gloss because you have to reapply throughout the night.” Tony nominee Laura Osnes

4:40 AM: Our night ends, though many are still partying upstairs in suite 2801 at the Carlyle. **All photos were captured by Jenny Anderson.