#TBT 12 Essential Videos of The Cher Show Star Stephanie J. Block

Last updated December 13th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
#TBT 12 Essential Videos of The Cher Show Star Stephanie J.…

Stephanie J. Block is giving you a full-out, bad-ass diva performance as Star in The Cher Show

. She lands every joke (some with just a look), she sings the house down(!!!), and she absolutely captures the elusive essence of the Oscar-winning icon.

In case The Cher Show is your first time seeing the two-time Tony nominee live, here are a dozen necessary videos of the queen in action.

“Defying Gravity”, Wicked

There’s a chance you might not make it through all 12, so this is first up because it’s required viewing. I feel pretty confident saying this is my favorite “Defying Gravity” vocally—it has such power; it never feels shrill or screamy; it’s divine.

“She Loves to Hear the Music”, The Boy From Oz

Cher isn’t the first major Oscar-winning icon SJB has put her spin on. She made her debut as Liza in The Boy from Oz, and the number is nothing short of a  gay fantasia on national themes.

“Get Out and Stay Out”, 9 to 5

SJB stopped the show as Judy (the Jane Fonda role) in Dolly Parton’s musical adaptation of her film 9 to 5. She represented the show at the Tony Awards that year performing this at the pre-show concert, and if you aren’t clutching your imaginary pearls by the 2:00 minute, turn the volume up.

“Don’t Rain on My Parade”, Funny Girl

You can find probably a dozen videos of Steph singing this song throughout different points in her life and career, but this is most recent so it wins. I can’t believe we never got to see her Fanny Brice. We don’t even deserve it at this point.

“Holding to the Ground”, Falsettos

By now you get that Stephanie can SANG but this moving musical moment from Falsettos is a beautiful look at her acting. I’m buying everything she’s selling in this number.

“The Writing on the Wall”, The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Him: Into?
Me: Stephanie J. Block parking, barking, and opting up.

“Invention” by Burkell & Loesel

It takes serious comedy and skill to make this song work. Brava! Also, this seems a good place to plug the audio-only version of her "Ring Them Bells".

“My Heart Will Go On”, Titanic

I haven’t been this excited to hear this song since 1998. Wow, she does not disappoint.

“Blow, Gabriel, Blow”, Anything Goes

She makes this HUGE belty number seems so effortless. Meanwhile, she’s rivaling Patti at The White House in terms of vocal power in this number.

“Woman”, The Pirate Queen

Damn, this song aged well. So topical. I can’t even talk about the vocals here because they are so next level. I’m not as familiar with The Pirate Queen so I nearly fell over at 2:03.

“Memory”, Cats

She is serving it as Griz. The moment you’ll live for happens at 4:58 if you don’t have a full “Memory” in you right now. That “all alone” (5:07) is everything.

“I’m Breaking Down”, Falsettos

Closing it out with her Falsettos showstopper because there’s nowhere to go after this.

Get yourself over to 'The Cher Show' at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre to hear Stephanie J. Block sing Cher like you've never heard her before.