10 Soaring Renditions of She Loves Me Showstopper "Vanilla Ice Cream"

Last updated April 8th, 2016 by BroadwayBox Staff
10 Soaring Renditions of She Loves Me Showstopper "Vanilla …

Tony winner Laura Benanti has one of the best jobs on Broadway right now, playing the smart, strong, and hilarious Amalia in She Loves Me

. Not only does she get to play with an amazing cast of characters in the most perfect jewel box of a set, she also gets to sing her face off on Bock & Harnick’s soaring anthems “Will He Like Me” and “Vanilla Ice Cream”.

Below, BroadwayBox enjoys a little She Loves Me YouTube spiral with 10 of the most delicious versions of “Vanilla Ice Cream” the interwebs have to offer.

Judy Kuhn

Ruthie Henshall

Jessie Mueller

Alexandra Silber

Madeline Kahn

Kristin Chenoweth

Krysta Rodriguez

Scarlett Strallen

Barbara Cook

Bernadette Peters

Ok, not really…but how could you resist?!

See Laura Benanti and her “Vanilla Ice Cream” stop the show over at Broadway’s Studio 54.