It's a Star-Studded YouTube Spiral with the Broadway Stars of DUETS With The Write Teacher(s)—Volume 3

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It's a Star-Studded YouTube Spiral with the Broadway Stars …

Broadway stars will share the stage at Feinstein's/54 Below with a group of Broadway hopefuls on April 15 for Duets With The Write Teacher(s)– Volume 3. In anticipation of the starry concert, BroadwayBox asked each of the rising stars to share with us what they love about their B'way duet partner and their partner's ultimate YouTube clip.

Ariana Sepulveda on her Duet partner Lilli Cooper

My first time seeing Lilli onstage was in in 2007, and I was struck by her stoic stage presence.  She had a warmth and gritty quality to her voice that I had not yet heard in a musical theater performer.  Lilli moved seamlessly from her speaking voice into her singing I almost didn't notice.  She was incredibly engaging. She was so natural onstage and embodied her character so well it made it sound like she was just telling her own story.  Since then, I have followed Lilli's career and can't help seeing certain theater pieces and just hearing Lilli's voice in the part.  Any clip I can find of her online I use as a teaching tool.  I watch how she takes in whatever environment is performing in and changes the energy of the room.  She raises an eyebrow or tilts her head and she's got the audience in the palm of her hand.  She's like the ultimate cool girl of musical theater. It's freaking awesome.

Zachary Francis Stewart on his Duet partner Stephen Bogardus

When I was in grade school, my dad would take me to the library every week and I'd pick out new Broadway albums to "binge-listen" to. Falsettos was one of the first albums I remember, and I took it out more than once. There was something about the material of the play that really spoke to me (I wonder what...;) ) and Whizzer has been a dream role of mine ever since, so....I guess Stephen is a personification of all of my childhood dreams? No pressure. 

Zachary Francis Stewart on his Duet partner Orfeh

Orfeh is unapologetically Orfeh. That's what has inspired me most about her. Her example gave me permission to be unapologetically Zachary Francis Stewart; to trust that someone will eventually see me for who I am and want to work with what they see. 

Angelo McDonough on his Duet partner Katie Rose Clarke

Katie is mesmerizing as Glinda, and so emotionally available in this clip. I always come back to watching this video because her acting choices are so incredible, in the moment, and spot on.

Angelo McDonough on his Duet partner Lizzie Klemperer

I am in love with the fact that I am singing with Lizzie in DUETS. She has become one of my closest friends over the past couple of years, and I am so proud of everything she does—such as making her Broadway Debut this season in Bright Star! She is one of the most talented girls I know, and every time I hear her sing I become more inspired.

Christopher Hlinka on his Duet partner Wesley Taylor

He has an effortless playful charm that I aspire to capture onstage. Subtle swag and a smile goes a long way. 

Christopher Hlinka on his Duet partner Katie Thompson

She has this powerful hold over an audience—floating through the music with such soul and grace. Plus, I've got a thing for red heads. 

Molly Model on her Duet partner Lauren Marcus

Lauren Marcus has always been an inspiration of mine since the day she floated into my life when we hosted the first DUETS concert. She has been nothing but the big sister I never had, but always wanted. She is a fierce, funny and incredibly talented lady and I'm honored to share the stage with her again.

Stephanie Turci on her Duet partner Laura Osnes

I first heard Laura belting it out in Bonnie and Clyde from behind my computer screen in my NJ bedroom.  I remember thinking how much power her voice had and how she completely commanded the stage.  She's always so honest and fearless, which is what I want to bring to my roles. I realized I wanted to be doing exactly what she was doing.  Then, in high school I got a job working as a Disney princess at kid's birthday parties. Around the same time, Laura was Cinderella on Broadway.  Coincidence? I think not.  I can't wait to sing with a real princess and Broadway icon! This is one of my favorite songs and she sings it with such grace. There is so much meaning behind every word.

Stephanie Turci on her Duet partner Preston Truman Boyd

He’s embodies everything that I aspire to be in a performer—class, commitment, passion, and humor all rolled into a showstopping voice. 

Preston Truman BOYd GIF

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