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From a Mormon in Utah to a Modern Family in NYC: It's All in the Set List with Claybourne Elder

February 9th, 2016 by

From a Mormon in Utah to a Modern Family in NYC: It's All...

Broadway's Claybourne Elder (Bonnie & Clyde, Road Show, Allegro, Carrie Diaries) is going to get intimate at Feinstein's/54 Below on February 19. In his heartfelt debut solo show, Elder won’t just sing show tunes and reminiscence about the theatre, but also share reflections on travel, adventure, and romance.

Below, Elder gives BroadwayBox a sneak peek at his upcoming playlist while also taking on 10 questions about love, life, and career.

1.  Song to describe my childhood in Utah:
“If the Stars Were Mine”. When I just a kid growing up in rural Utah, I never imagined I’d get the chance to work on Broadway. This song is about dreaming and falling in love.

2.  Song that sums up my relationship with New York City:
“I Will Always Love You/Wrecking Ball”. I mean, right? The mash up of those two is pretty much how it goes in the city. It’s the best place ever, until it isn’t. Like when you go grocery shopping and live in a 5th floor walk up. 

3.  Song that reminds me of my husband, Eric:
“You Are The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened To Me” from Road Show. When I sang this song in Road Show I was just a kid and now years later the song speaks to me so much more. I sang this into Eric’s ear once dancing in our kitchen (ew, gross) when we were first dating and now it’s one of our songs.

4.  Song I’ve always dreamed of singing on a New York stage:
How bout a Dance” from Bonnie and Clyde. I love this song so much and got the chance to hear the velvet-lined throat of Laura Osnes sing it over and over and now it’s finally my turn and I’m so excited.

5.  Song that expresses my sense of humor best:
“Grandma Schmidt”. This is a song about a racist grandmother at Thanksgiving that still makes me laugh every time. It’s by a friend of mine and also a former-Mormon (we call ourselves fo-mos) Sam Salmon.

6.  Song to describe The Carrie Diaries:
“Singin’ in the Rain”. I loved working on The Carrie Diaries so much; the people and crew were amazing. And my on-screen fiancé and I became really close. There was one scene we had to shoot outside a bus station in New Jersey and because of weather and sound problems (planes flying overhead, cars honking, construction) it took FOREVER. But we really bonded that night.


7.  Song to describe a typical Saturday night:
“Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. Parties at our house frequently turn into everyone going into the music room and picking up an instrument. No one performs, we all just sing along and get goofy.

8.  Song that feels most personal:
“Hey Kid” from If/Then. Why? Well, you have to come to find out =)

9.  Song that best captures my career so far:
“It All Fades Away But You” from Bridges of Madison County. I spent a good part of my 20s backpacking and working for non-profits in Asia and then I came to NYC to be an actor and fell in love. The lyrics of this song really ring true to my personal life.

10. Song I’d use as the Claybourne Elder theme song:
“I Could Have Danced All Night”. I do this funked out version of this song and I LOVE singing it. I could sing it all day. Plus the band sounds amazing. 

See Claybourne Elder’s debut concert at Feinstein’s/54 Below on February 19