The Definitive “Meadowlark” YouTube Countdown

Last updated August 3rd, 2016 by Josh Ferri
The Definitive “Meadowlark” YouTube Countdown

Just ‘cause once you hear this Stephen Schwartz Baker’s Wife tune, it will be in your head for the rest of the damn day.

20. Linzi Hateley

There’s something super cheesy about this one, but it’s the original Carrie, so lord knows she’s got those big notes.

19. Tyce Green

Gotta give it up for this rock-centric arrangement.

18. Willemijn Verkaik

This former Elphaba really takes you on a journey with the storytelling.

17. Ellyn Marie Marsh

It’s safe to say, you’ve absolutely never heard “Meadowlark” like this.

16. Michelle Beth Herman

Get it, girl!

15. Siobhan McCarthy

The English accent really brings something to the song for me.

14. Andrew Rannells

I’m really into his performance of the song. He’s so into it, it’s contagious.

13. Maddy Trumble

Simply beautiful.

12. Stephanie J. Block

For me, this is all about SJB’s line readings and phrasing. I live, truly. I wish this was a video performance and not a shameful bootleg ‘cause there’d be no stopping her.

11. Veronica Gonmiah

My gosh, the longing in her voice.

10. Alice Ripley

This one has a bit of a slow start but by 3:25, it’s full Alice.

9. Sara Ramirez

Seriously, WTF, Sara Ramirez?! Why have you not stepped foot on a Broadway stage since your Tony win over 10 years ago. Give us that voice again.

8. Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley can act a song like no one else.

7. Judy Kuhn

Who can sell a song like Judy MF Kuhn?! Slay diva. If there was visual, she’d be higher.

6. Tituss Burgess

:::Major applause and praise hands:::.

5. Jessica Hendy

Jessica Hendy is the Grizabella understudy in Cats right now, and with those vocals, I NEED to see her on.

4. Lindsay Mendez & Betsy Wolfe

Two of the most interesting voices of their B'way generation together on one “Meadowlark”. It’s absolutely everything. 3:40 is my new Facebook religion.

3. Liz Callaway

Honestly, chills…and maybe a tear or two.

2. Eden Espinosa

Ok, that was STUNNING. The Elphie comes at out at 3:35.

1. Patti LuPone

A queen in her full element. The hand-ography alone. #BowDown