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Still Need a Halloween Costume? Try These DIY Avenue Q Inspired Looks

Last updated October 31st, 2017 by BroadwayBox Staff
Still Need a Halloween Costume? Try These DIY Avenue Q Insp…

If your purpose is to find the perfect costume, these DIY looks inspired by the characters of triple-crown Tony-winning musical Avenue Q might be just the thing you're searching for to feel special.

Princeton Sweater Vest

Ben Durocher- Avenue Q- GIF- Princeton Costume

We found your purpose: it’s this Princeton costume! Get your wide-eyed, preppy look on in a button-up shirt and sweater vest.

Princeton Graduation

Ben Durocher- Avenue Q- GIF- Princeton Costume- Graduation

Wondering what to do with a B.A. in English? This Princeton graduation look is for you. Pick up a cap and gown from Amazon, or dig your old one out of the closet because you can’t pay the bills yet, let alone shell out for a costume.

Trekkie Monster

Jason Jacoby- Avenue Q- GIF- Trekkie Monster Costume

If you know what the Internet is for, consider this Trekkie Monster look. We hot glued some pink feathers on this devil horn headband and found a big baggy brown sweatshirt. No unibrow, no problem—just add one in with an eyeliner pencil!


Ben Durocher- Avenue Q- GIF- Rod Costume

If you find yourself falling in love with your roommate, this Rod costume might be a perfect fit. All you’ll need is a gray suit, gold tie, white shirt and glasses. Don’t forget your copy of Broadway Musicals of the 1940s!


Dana Steingold- Avenue Q- GIF- Lucy the Slut Costume

You’ll feel special in this Lucy costume. Channel your favorite puppet vixen in a wig, blue sparkly dress, pink boa and a “Lucy” nameplate.

And a bonus Bad Idea for all you pet owners

Avenue Q- Bad Idea Bears- Pet Costumes- Halloween

Happy Halloween!! This fall, don't miss Avenue Q, now in its 14th year in NYC, at off-Broadway's New World Stages.