Six Things Most People Actually Do on a First Date

Last updated December 9th, 2013 by Josh Ferri
Six Things Most People Actually Do on a First Date
The Broadway comedy First Date centers around a real-time blind date between uptight Aaron (Zachary Levi) and downtown free-spirit Casey (Krysta Rodriguez). While some First Date plot points are more unlikely than others (like your Jewish grandmother appearing to you from beyond or your sassy waiter performing an 11 o’clock number in the middle of the restaurant), BroadwayBox found six moments from the charming modern musical that actually happen when two people go on a blind date.
First Date- Bailout
Charge your best friend with bailing you out in case the date is a disaster
First Date- Awkward Pause
Sit through your fair share of awkward pauses as you attempt to keep the conversation going
First Date- Google
Google the person you're going on a date with first and then hope your stealth mission never reveals itself
First Date- Exes
Compare the person sitting across from you to your most recent ex.
FIrst Date Gif Test- Check
Share an awkward moment when the check arrives (me? you? dutch? dine and dash?)
First Date Kiss
Spoiler: If the date goes well, you share a goodnight kiss.
Now check out 'First Date' at the Longacre Theatre to see how many actual first-date moments you've lived through.