Six Beautiful Versions of Waitress’ “You Matter to Me” To Make You Smile Today

Last updated August 15th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
Six Beautiful Versions of Waitress’ “You Matter to Me” To M…

Sara Bareilles wrote you a love song for the new musical Waitress

, and it just makes your heart melt (especially when paired with that “Dear Baby” speech about being held for twenty minutes straight). Right now, you can see Katharine McPhee & Henry Gottfried perform “You Matter to Me” live in Broadway’s Waitress (while eating delicious cake and ugly-crying in the privacy of a dark theatre). But in case you need a sweet “You Matter to Me” moment right now, here are six of YouTube’s best performances of the duet.

Sara Bareilles & Jason Mraz

Two former Waitress stars come together for this stunning concert duet. It’s just perfection. End of story.

Jessica Vosk & Zak Resnick

Jessica (the current star of Broadway’s Wicked) and Zak are giving you a full-out performance. They sound so beautiful—Ms. Vosk brings those Elphie vocals at the 3:35 section—and that dance by Broadway’s Melanie Moore & Brandt Martinez just knocks you out.

Emma Hatton & Andy Coxon

These West End stars are serving VOCALS. Another former Elphaba ready to turn up on this number. It felt so full and romantic. I bought everything they were selling.

Malinda Kathleen Reese & Jonathan Estabrooks

It’s giving me such an epic vibe, which is fun because normally this song is so intimate. I’m getting Meatloaf/Celine vibes with that loud piano and the rich power ballad singing style. I was totally swept up in this video.

Natalie Weiss & Blake Anderson

Natalie Weiss actually has two versions on YouTube rn (the other features Brad Greer and is just as swell), but this version is tops because Blake won a video competition to perform opposite Natalie in London—and he’s incredible. You aren’t ready for what he does from 4:50 to the end.

Peter Hollens & Evynne Hollens

Stop it right now with this! Not only does Peter give you a little a cappella version of the song, there’s some beefcake dancing it in desert. Then, Evynne comes in like a little angel. The woman dancing Evynne's verse is giving me major SYTYCD, especially when the two dancers come together. I truly lived the entire time.

Check out "Waitress" at Broadway's Brooks Atkinson Theatre.