Showstopper Derby with the Dynamite Cast of Brooklynite

Last updated February 5th, 2015 by BroadwayBox Staff
Showstopper Derby with the Dynamite Cast of Brooklynite

Like that random sports reference up there? So the most awesome thing about the new off-Broadway musical Brooklynite is not that it’s about super heroes or that it is directed by Tony winner Michael Mayer (Hedwig, Spring Awakening) or even that it features cool choreography by Broadway’s IT guy Steven Hoggett (Once, Rocky); no the coolest thing about Brooklynite is the insanely talented group the Vineyard Theatre recruited to perform it. Let’s dive into their collective YouTube resume below.

Nicolette Robinson

We’re going to start with Nicolette in Bright Lights, Big City because there’s a good chance you aren’t going to make it to the end of this page and this is the most important video. She’s that good.

Matt Doyle

Do we need a video to show you how crazy talented Brooklynite’s headliner Matt Doyle is? #DatVoiceDoe

Nick Cordero

Then there’s the hilarious Tony nominee Nick Cordero in his first role since driving critics, audiences and nominators into a frenzy in Bullets.

Ann Harada

The biggest take away from this video of the Cinderella/Avenue Q star is that Pippin missed a major opportunity here.

Remy Zaken

Worlds are colliding watching Spring Awakening vet Remy Zaken sing In the Heights. Sing it, gurl!

Gerard Canonico

It takes a real man (and a real talent) to cover the hell out of Mariah’s holiday anthem “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Now can we get a mash-up with “Don’t Do Sadness”?

Max Chernin

This guy is the real deal. He and Chris McCarrell just slayed everyone in that 35MM concert at 54 Below, but this video has nothing to do with that.

John-Michael Lyles

Speaking of RSO, here’s John-Michael Lyles knocking “Stroke by Stroke” out of the park. And this is extra fun because it was Doyle’s big number in the off-B'way run of Jasper in Deadland.

Grace McLean

Goodness gracious does Grace McLean have a special voice.

Nick Choksi

What what? It’s Nick Choksi, who was just fantastic in RTC’s Indian Ink. Just look at him on the uke.

Andrew Call

YouTube is seriously lacking in videos of this American Idiot, Rock of Ages, Glory Days alum. Can someone fix that?

Carla Duren

Okay, this song by 110 in the Shade vet Carla Duren caused full-on chills.

Tom Alan Robbins

Broadway’s original Pumbaa?! STFU.

Okay, it was too hard to pick just one Matt Doyle video, and since he’s on the poster and all, let’s just give him one more.

Brooklynite runs at off-Broadway’s Vineyard Theatre through March 22.