Brad Takei Looks Back on His Five Favorite Moments From It Takeis Two Season 1

Last updated October 29th, 2015 by Brad Takei
Brad Takei Looks Back on His Five Favorite Moments From It …

As the first season of It Takeis Two

comes to a close with an all-new episode, Brad Takei (husband to Allegiance star George Takei) shares with BroadwayBox his five most memorable moments from the popular heightened reality series.

Getting to let loose with George and play with our human hamster balls.

George Takei GIF- Brad Takei GIF- George and Brad Gif- Hamster GIF

Overall, I love this episode because we get to pay respect to Leonard Nimoy, who was a dear friend. It was lovely also to be able to include Nichelle Nichols, who was the best woman at our wedding. With respect to the human hamster balls specifically, we were a bit apprehensive once we saw them out of the packaging, but once we began it was a lot of fun!

Scooting around Google

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Who wouldn't want to grab a scooter and zoom around techie heaven? If you ever get the opportunity, jump on it—or scoot rather.

Surprising George with impressionist Christina Bianco

Getting to work with such a great talent like Christina Bianco was thrilling. And I love to make George laugh; he especially loved her Kristin Chenoweth impression.

Filming my Amazing Race audition tape

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I had a great time showing my personality and coming up with different fun ideas that I thought would appeal to the Amazing Race audience.

Dressing up as Obi Wan and Princess Leia

George Takei- Star Wars- Brad Takei

The convention circuit is such a big part of what George and I have done over the years and it was fun to step into that world.

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