Secrets of the Ring Video: Here’s What You Never Knew About Rocky’s Big Fight

Last updated July 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Secrets of the Ring Video: Here’s What You Never Knew About…

Critics and audiences agree, the musical adaptation of the Oscar-winning film Rocky is a knockout; and a big part of what sets this show apart from the pack is the incredible, groundbreaking staging of the final fight scene between Rocky Balboa (Andy Karl) and Apollo Creed (Terence Archie). In “The Anatomy of a Knockout” video below, we hear from Rocky stars and creators all about the magic that really goes into that heart-pounding finale.

Nine Things We Learned From the ‘The Anatomy of a Knockout’:

1. The idea to push the boxing ring out was director Alex Timbers’.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway-RIng

2. Musically, the fight reuses every theme the audience has heard throughout the evening.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway- Music- Andy Karl

3. There are mics everywhere: towels, water bottles and in the cameras.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway-Andy Karl

4. The fight is choreographed on an eight count.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway- Fight

5. It’s the only show on Broadway that transforms from proscenium staging to in the round.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway

6. It’s full contact Every. Single. Night.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway- Music- Andy Karl- Archie

7. The jumbotrons are there to bring audiences even closer.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway-Jumbotron

8. The makeup is so detailed it would take experienced, professional makeup artists minutes to do what Rocky does in seconds.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway-Makeup

9. Rocky is the most difficult and technical show of the 17 Broadway shows stage manager Lisa Dawn Cave has ever worked on.
Rocky-Boxing-GIF- Broadway-Lighting

See the fight that will go down in Broadway history at Rocky, now playing at Broadway's Winter Garden Theatre.