Rock of Ages' Carrie St. Louis Proves She's Got Real '80s Street Cred

Last updated July 3rd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Rock of Ages' Carrie St. Louis Proves She's Got Real '80s S…

Carrie St. Louis is the new girl in town, inspiring hearts sing over at the awesomely fun musical Rock of Ages. She makes her Broadway debut as Sherrie, the sweet girl who comes to Tinseltown in the 1980s with big dreams of stardom. Below, Carrie St. Louis proves she’s got more ‘80s street cred than shoulder pads and Cabbage Patch Kids.

1. The ‘80s style I would like to personally bring back:
Ooh this one is easy! I would love to bring back the side pony with a scrunchie! I always pull my ponytail a little to one side or the other on a daily basis, but I would love to bring it back and rock it!

Side Pony Tail- 80s- 90s

2. My all-time ‘80s crush:
Sebastian Bach. Am I right? You can't beat his long, blonde hair and the dreamy pout.

Sebastian Bach GIF

3. The ‘80s power ballad I want to slow dance to:
“Faithfully” by Journey. Hands down. The lyrics are so romantic and there's nothing like Steve Perry's voice on a power ballad. He could sing the alphabet and I would swoon.

4. My go-to ‘80s karaoke song:
“Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil. Who doesn't love singing this song? It's a definite feel good song, and it's perfect for karaoke because you don't necessarily have to have the best voice to get away with it.

Hey Mickey GIF

5. The best theme song from an ‘80s TV show:
The theme song from Dallas. Epic.

6. My guilty pleasure ‘80s movie:
Is The Breakfast Club too obvious? It's such an iconic ‘80s staple that I have to go with it.

Breakfast CLub GIF

7. The ‘80s scene/fad I would have been all about:
Three words: ‘80s. Aerobic. Classes. I would have been ALL about them. The moves, the music, the leg warmers. If they have a comeback, you know where to find me... In the front, rocking the scrunchie side pony.

See Carrie St. Louis serve you all kinds of ‘80s realness as Sherrie in ‘Rock of Ages’ at Broadway’s Helen Hayes Theatre.