Color Me Stoked! We Are So Very Into the Heathers Album

Last updated July 7th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Color Me Stoked! We Are So Very Into the Heathers Album

Composer Laurence O’Keefe is the genius behind those oh-so-very cast recordings Bat Boy and Legally Blonde, and writer Kevin Murphy gave us Reefer Madness and Desperate Housewives; so it should be obvi. that when these two came together to work on adapting the dark, ‘80s cult hit Heathers, the results would be out of this world. Below, BroadwayBox enlists some of our favorite, fierce Heather-types to help us as we react to listening to the Heathers Original Cast Recording.

1. Beautiful (Company)

Heathers- Track 1
This is an epic opening number! You are immediately thrust into this world.

2. Candy Store (Jessica Keenan Wynn, Alice Lee & Elle McLemore)

Heathers- Track 2
1. This song is everything. 2. Jessica Keenan Wynn has such a cool, unique voice.

3. Fight for Me (Barrett Wilbert Weed)

Heathers- Track 3

4. Freeze Your Brain (Ryan McCartan)

Heathers- Track 4
Ryan McCartan is dreamy and he can sing. *Sigh*

5. Big Fun (Company)

Heathers- Track 5
I can’t stop moving. This song is BIG FUN. Add to workout playlist, walking the streets playlist and driving playlist.

6. Dead Girl Walking (Barrett Wilbert Weed & Ryan McCartan)

Heathers- Track 6
And we just found the future voice of Broadway. Good gosh, those pipes.

7. The Me Inside of Me (Jessica Keenan Wynn, Daniel Cooney, Dan Domenech, Michelle Duffy & AJ Meijer)

Heathers- Track 7
The lyrics to this show are so clever.

8. Blue (Evan Todd, Jon Eidson, Alice Lee, Barrett Wilbert Weed, & Elle McLemore)

Heathers- Track 8
Who knew a song about horny football players could be so danceable?

9. Our Love Is God (Ryan McCartan, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Jon Eidson & Evan Todd)

Heathers- Track 9
Ah, a good psychotic love song.

10. My Dead Gay Son (Anthony Crivello & Daniel Cooney)

Heathers- Track 10
Yes ma’am! Nothing like a big ol’ gospel number.

11. Seventeen (Barrett Wilbert Weed & Ryan McCartan)

Heathers- Track 11

12. Shine a Light (Michelle Duffy & Company)

Heathers- Track 12

13. Lifeboat (Elle McLemore)

Heathers- Track 13
This song is one of the beautiful tracks on the album.

14. Shine a Light [Reprise] (Alice Lee & Elle McLemore)

Heathers- Track 14

15. Kindergarten Boyfriend (Katie Ladner)

Heathers- Track 15
OMG. Katie Ladner is bringing all kinds of diva vocals to this heartbreaking ballad. Very Celine.

16. Yo Girl (Jessica Keenan Wynn, Evan Todd, Michelle Duffy, Barrett Wilbert Weed & Jon Eidson)

Heathers- Track 16

17. Meant to Be Yours (Ryan McCartan)

Heathers- Track 17
Let’s hope Ryan McCartan does more musical theatre. This voice is spectacular.

18. Dead Girl Walking [Reprise] (Barrett Wilbert Weed & Company)

Heathers- Track 18

19. I Am Damaged (Ryan McCartan & Barrett Wilbert Weed)

Heathers- Track 19
Death sequence. Ciao JD.

20. Seventeen [Reprise] (Alice Lee, Katie Ladner, Barrett Wilbert Weed & Elle McLemore)

Heathers- Track 20
That was a party we are so happy to have RSVPed to. Tons of great summer songs on there. Download your copy today.

And don’t miss seeing Heathers live at off-Broadway’s New World Stages.