Mia Weinberger Takes Us Through All the Famous Faces She Plays in Me The People: The Trump America Musical

Last updated July 26th, 2017 by Mia Weinberger
Mia Weinberger Takes Us Through All the Famous Faces She Pl…

Mia Weinberger gives a standout performance playing some of the most recognizable women in American politics—from Ivanka Trump to Hillary Clinton—in the hilarious, new off-Broadway spoof Me The People: The Trump America Musical

. Scroll on as Mia shares with BroadwayBox all her characters and costumes.

Betsy Ross


Good ole' Betsy Ross. The brunette curls you see are actually attached to the mop cap—I'm not wearing a wig! Betsy's flag is an essential part of her costume, obviously.

Betsy DeVos

Mia Weinberger- Me the People- off Broadway- Betsy DeVos

Stephen Smith, our costume designer, based this costume on DeVos's confirmation hearing outfit. Fun fact: the white "blouse" I'm wearing is made out of a dinner napkin from a restaurant—Stephen is incredibly resourceful! And, of course, Betsy's gotta have those school vouchers on hand. 

Mar-a-Lago Maid


Welcome to the Hotel Mar-a-Lago! I walk through the house in this costume and change into my next one in the lobby while Mitchel Kawash performs a number as Mike Pence. I love listening to the audience's uproarious laughter through the lobby doors while I change—it's one of my favorite moments of the show. 


Mia Weinberger- Me the People- off Broadway- Melania Trump

Melania is the Gretchen Wieners of the Trump family—her hair is full of secrets. I always practice my characters' facial expressions right before I go on stage to remind my body who I am about to play. I was caught in the act in this photo. 

Kim Jong-un


Oh Lil' Kim... This wig used to be one of those creepy baby head masks (you know, the ones you see grown adults wearing in Times Square?) and our wig designer, Kathy Pecevich, cut the face off and added hair. The combo of the wig and the fat suit I wear under the jacket really create a buffoon-esque effect. 



This is my republican congressman, Larry. Most of my characters in the show are very feminine, so I love getting to play a few men as well. My quick change into this costume would not happen without our assistant stage manager, Max Kilsheimer, who makes all of the crazy fast transitions in our show feel easy. 



This is my reporter, Rhonda. She works for The Washington Post. Our black pants and shirts serve as our base costumes—we wear them under pretty much everything throughout the show.


Mia Weinberger- Me the People- off Broadway- Ivanka Trump

When we first see Ivanka, she's wearing this sleeveless dress, which has a fun feature I won't tell you about... I have time to do a makeup change before this number, so I apply a nude lipstick and retouch my bronzer. Because Ivanka.  



This is what we imagine Ivanka wears when she and Jared are relaxing at home. Couldn't resist making a signature Ivanka kissy-face. 



My Supreme Court justice robe is SO soft. If the Supremes' robes actually feel like this, I may consider a future in the judiciary because I want to live in this thing. 



It's truly an honor to put on (the upper half of) this pantsuit every night. If you look behind me, you'll see the Hillary bobblehead I got from our show's producer and the best card I've ever received, which says "You're Hillaryious"—thanks, Mom and Dad! #imstillwithher 

Mia Weinberger- Me the People- off Broadway GIF- Hillary Clinton Mic Drop GIF

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