Meet Your New Crush: Rock of Ages' Small Town Girl Lauren Zakrin

Last updated December 15th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Meet Your New Crush: Rock of Ages' Small Town Girl Lauren Z…

Lauren Zakrin is making a killer Broadway debut as the final Sherrie in the long-running ‘80s hit Rock of Ages; she brings so much to the role, BroadwayBox named her one of the 10 Best Replacement Stars on Broadway. Below, the lovely leading lady (who fans may remember from TV’s reality competition Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods) talks to us about ‘80s crushes, loving herself and why she doesn’t watch reality TV.

1. My favorite ‘80s song to rock out to:
I am going to have to go with either Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” or “Barrucuda” by Heart.

2. My ultimate ‘80s crush:
Is it cliche if I say Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler? Sorry ya’ll. Love those androgynous rockers ;)

3. If I was going to create a fabulous stripper name for the Venus Club:
I always like to use the old “porno name” formula… Your pet’s name and the street you grew up on: Xena Stonetree!

4. Worst job I’ve ever had on the road to Broadway:
Oh man… This is a hard one. Truly, I am grateful for every side job that fell into my lap along the way. I am fortunate to have had a lot of odd jobs turn up that helped keep the food on the table. It is NOT EASY to stay a float in this business. I high five every actor who is busting their ass to memorize their sides and practicing their music late at night after a long day of under 20% tips, babysitting demon children, dealing with rude tourists… I’ve been there, and I am sure I will be there again. Just keep moving forward, and keep your head up.

5. My favorite moment in Rock of Ages:
My favorite part of the show is “Heaven/More Than Words.” I am assuming most Sherrie’s don’t choose that song, but I love it. It is so electric and exciting. The dream-like aspect of it really allows you to dive into the chemistry with Drew, and vocally, I think it is just lovely.

6. My key to staying in such killer shape:
Self-love!! There are many times in my life where I over-worked out and over-dieted in order to try to be something I wasn’t, or to please someone else. My road to health and self-love has been traveled by making choices that FEEL GOOD. I work out when I have time, and I work out because it is great for my mental health and personal meditation, and because it FEELS GOOD to sweat and move. Not because I am punishing myself for something I ate that day. I am indeed a vegetarian, but I live that lifestyle because it is the best for MY digestive system, and that doesn’t mean it works for everyone else. Listen to your body, and try to make choices that are motivated by self-love and not self-loathing.

7. My favorite reality show:
My favorite “reality show” is LIFE! I find the beautiful and infinitely vast universe around us far more entertaining than any artificial representation of “real life” found on the TV.

8. KMF: Drew in Rock of Ages, Danny in Grease and Emmett in Legally Blonde
Are we talking characters in the show, or my co-stars??!

9. Most embarrassing thing on my DVR:
I am not embarrassed by any of my choices!!!!! Game of Thrones baby! Boardwalk Empire! Homeland! However, I don’t own a TV or have DVR. But every now and then I will watch something online before I fall asleep… I try to avoid American Horror Story before bed though ;)

See Lauren Zakrin in ‘Rock of Ages’ at Helen Hayes through January 18, 2015.