Meet Your New Crush: La Soiree's Charming Juggler Marcus Monroe

Last updated January 28th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Meet Your New Crush: La Soiree's Charming Juggler Marcus Mo…

Juggler and comedian Marcus Monroe makes quite an impression in the jaw-dropping and titillating off-Broadway show La Soiree. Known as "the rock star of jugglers," Monroe expertly weaves self-deprecating humor and immense talent to win over and wow live audiences and television viewers, alike. Read on to get to better know this charming crowd pleaser, and don't miss him in action in La Soiree.

1. The strangest thing I’ve ever juggled is
I once was in a production of Damn Yankees— I know...I know—and they had me juggle a baseball, a bat and a glove. Really awkward items. It wasn't dangerous or anything, but very strange. I also once juggled while sitting on an alligator, if that counts for anything. The most dangerous item I've ever juggled would definitely be a chainsaw. I hate those things.

2. Circus clowns, funny or terrifying
My whole take on the clown thing is: the more make up the clown wears, the more I want nothing to do with said clown. Clowns with those horrible painted faces are absolutely terrifying. Shame on them going around acting as if it's normal for their shirt to have 40 pockets; I don't care how many pockets your shirt has. You can take your big ass shoes back to Ripley's Believe It or Not. I am a fan of a lot of the clowns in current Cirque shows.

3. The other act in La Soiree I wish I could do just once
I'd love to be the bathtub boy, but I don't think I'd get out of the tub and do tricks like Stephen does. I'd just sit there and wash myself until the music ends.

4. My go-to drink is
I'm a huge fan of Polar Seltzer waters. They make some great flavors and they're all natural. I drink them every day, and I am trying to get the rest of the cast hooked on them. If you see me backstage and I don't have my Polar Seltzer in my hand, chances are I am on my way to get it. I've been trying to get them to send the cast of La Soiree a case or two. I also like my Mom's famous Crystal Light.

5. The app I can’t live without is
I love Twitter and am constantly tweeting stupid things. Most recently, "Just met a shark attack survivor! Inspirational. He invited me into his home with open arm." @marcusmonroe

6. When I was younger, my dream was to be
I wanted to be in a boy band, but not a shitty one like the Backstreet Boys, I wanted to be in a good one like NSYNC. I also wanted to be a professional wrestler. So far none of these things have happened but I have not given up hope. #nevergiveup

7. My favorite thing to do on my day off is
I like to go on dates with my wife. Take her out for a nice dinner somewhere fancy like Red Lobster then take her back to our apt and see what happens. Maybe light some candles, turn on a Lifetime movie and just get into it. Then eat some grapes. (And by eat some grapes I mean make love.)

8. When this song plays, I can’t help but sing along
Nelly – “Ride Wit Me”

9. My celebrity crush is
It's a toss up between Heidi Klum and Julie Bowen from Modern Family. I'd also do anything to be friends with Kanye West. So Kanye, if you're reading this, hit me up, let's rage.

10. If I could have any super-power, I’d choose
I want to live forever. I guess that’s not really a super-power though. Man, I'm so bad at the questionnaire. Okay, cancel the live forever thing and my new super-power would be to be good at answering things like this.