Seven Broadway Characters Who Might Be the Next Supreme on American Horror Story: Coven

Last updated January 29th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Seven Broadway Characters Who Might Be the Next Supreme on …

The highly anticipated finale of Ryan Murphy’s magical American Horror Story: Coven airs on January 29 on FX, and faithful viewers will finally know which young witch will perform the Seven Wonders and reign as Supreme of the coven. While everyone has their own personal theories of who will step into Fiona’s (Jessica Lange) designer heels, BroadwayBox would like to put forward seven wonders of our own—seven characters on the Great White Way we think could be the next Supreme.

Matilda from Matilda

Matilda- Four Girls
Because: She’s the perfect blend of quiet and naughty, and that will give her strength to lead.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Coven - Fiona - These Girls

Elphaba from Wicked

Top 10 Replacements- Fall 2013- Lindsay Mendez
Because: Duh.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Coven- Fiona

Marie from Cinderella

Crazy Marie- Cinderella
Because: Like Delia, this fairy godmother has a way with fruits and plants from the earth. Right, Ella? And Crazy Marie has a very Myrtle Snow energy.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Coven- Fiona- Hate More

Justice from Rock of Ages

ROA- Justice
Photo by Paul Kolnik
Because: Anyone who can turn a good, small town girl into a Los Angeles stripper with only half a song deserves to at least be tested as Supreme.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Fiona- Coven- GIF

Janis Joplin from A Night with Janis Joplin

Janis- Coven
Because: If Misty is still a candidate, Janis should be too.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Fiona- Coven- Bored

Olivia from Twelfth Night

Olivia - Coven
Because: No one else on Broadway is rocking a black dress as well as Olivia.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Coven- Fiona- Wear Black

The Leading Player from Pippin

Pippin- Patina Miller- Leading Player
Because: She’s just evil enough to follow Fiona.
Fiona’s Reaction:
Fiona- Coven- Supreme