Meet the New Class at the School of Rock, Episode 1: Getting the Big News & Current Musical Obsessions

Last updated September 19th, 2017 by Josh Ferri

BroadwayBox celebrates back to school by introducing the new class of young stars over at the hit Broadway musical School of Rock

. In our new video series, we get to know Levi Buksbazen (Freddy), Amadi Chapata (Tomika), Olivia Chun (Summer), Rachel Katzke (Katie), Walden Sullivan (Lawrence), John Allyn (Billy), & Zachary Zwelling (Zack) as they talk about their paths to Broadway, musical obsessions, life backstage, and more! Check out episode one, where we learn how each kid found out they were coming to Broadway and what album or musical artist they can't get enough of right now.