15 Moving AF Performances of "Move On” for International Dot Day

Last updated September 15th, 2017 by Josh Ferri
15 Moving AF Performances of "Move On” for International Do…

Apparently International Dot Day is a thing that’s celebrated on September 15—it promotes creativity and inspiration—and that’s all the entry we needed to look back on some of our favorite performances of “Move On”, the climatic moment from Sunday in the Park with George where Dot visits modern-day George to sing about inspiration. So here we go!

Carmen Cusack & Jason Danieley

We’re going to bookend this—We’ll end with Bernadette & Mandy and start with the second-best version of this song you’ll find online (hello 2:10!). What an insane pairing—listen to Carmen at 2:27 and Jason at 3:18 and try not to just lose it.

Kate Baldwin & Andrew Lippa

Kate Baldwin told us her dream was to play Dot and after hearing her sing it, it’s our dream now too. Gosh, I could drown in Kate Baldwin’s vocals.

Jenna Russell & Daniel Evans

The stars of the West End & Broadway revival are selling these lyrics like the rent is due tomorrow. Every word, every intention.

Audra McDonald & Michael Cerveris

A million times yes. Audra singing Dot is absolutely everything. Her voice is perfect for it.

Melissa Errico & Raul Esparza

The stars of the 2002 Kennedy Center production are serving major vocals. Listen Raul do “and the way you catch the light”, etc at 5:50!

Lea Salonga

How come Lea never played Dot? Why did the gods rob us so!?

Sophie-Louise Dann & Julian Ovenden

The pair brought the Pulitzer-winning musical to France in the stunning Theatre du Chatelet production. Damn, Julian is a fierce George!

Stephanie J Block & Andrew Rannells

The Tony-nominated Falsettos stars performed this for the New York Pops, and it was as epic as one would dream. How has SJB not played this in a full production yet?!

Brynn O’Malley & Claybourne Elder

These two B’way faves played it at Signature and thank YouTube for preserving it.

Rema Webb

The Color Purple, New Brain, and Violet standout makes this song totally her own, literally. Those vocals! Who needs a George when you can do 1:26-1:50?

Erin Mackey & Randy Harrison

First time hearing this pair and it’s truly wonderful. Erin is other-worldly in her delivery and Randy has some voice. They are especially lovely in the soft section around 2:25.

Lena Hall & Josh Groban

Gosh, Groban should play George somewhere immediately. Then Lena brings that fire & passion to her Dot. It’s a great performance.

Anna Uzele & Johnny Brantley III

Yas, music video! These two make quite the vocal dou—listen to how rich and full they sound at 2:25.

Cherie Tay & Cute Kurt

No other version on this list sounds quite like this. How fun.

Barbra Streisand

Babs also did it as a solo, because of course she did.

Bernadette & Mandy (X3)

It’s tough to compare to the Sunday in the Park OGs, especially when they still sound so damn good singing it.