Meet the Magician: The Illusionists' Raymond Crowe

Last updated December 29th, 2015 by Raymond Crowe
Meet the Magician: The Illusionists' Raymond Crowe

The international hit magic spectacular The Illusionists is back on Broadway for the holiday season with an all-new show at the Neil Simon Theatre, and brand-new for New York audience this year is Australian wonder Raymond Crowe, The Unusualist.

BroadwayBox continues its weekly Meet the Magician series as we get to know Raymond Crowe.

1. The first trick or illusion I ever learned was:
Vanishing a coin.

Vanishing Coin

2. The moment I knew I wanted to pursue this professionally was:
I was in a job that had become repetitive—so I thought why not try and do this as a living—I have never looked back.

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3. Greatest thing about being part of The Illusionists’ Band of Brothers:
The fun is watching the others perform and discussing ways we all can improve our work.

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4. My favorite film, TV show or play about a magician is:
An old TV show called The Magician starring Bill Bixby.

5. My favorite city in the world to perform in:
Can't really say, it is always a delight to perform in your own town but equally as much fun to perform in a town or country you have never been before.

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6. One thing I always have with me when I travel:
A torch.

Torch GIF

7. Person who inspires me professionally:
Charlie Chaplin.

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See Raymond Crowe and the other fantastic Illusionists at the Neil Simon Theatre through January 3, 2016.