Supermodel of the Sea! Lesli Margherita Werks the Garments as Dames at Sea Broadway Diva Mona Kent

Last updated October 19th, 2015 by Lesli Margherita
Supermodel of the Sea! Lesli Margherita Werks the Garments …

As glamourous and talented as she is cheeky, Olivier Award winner Lesli Margherita brings so many belly laughs as the unsinkable Mona Kent, an over-the-top Broadway diva, in the can't-miss revival of Dames at Sea

. As a major 1930s stage star, Ms. Kent has quite the wardrobe for both land and sea (all designed by Tony nominee David C. Woolard), and lucky for us, Lesli is sharing her fabulous costumes with BroadwayBox.

Wall Street Subtlety

Mona's opening number, "Wall Street". Subtle, understated. Just like Mona...and me. As you can see by the decor that is going up in my dressing room, I hate gold and shiny. I love David Woolard for designing this tux for me. Fun fact, there are tap mics that run down my pants and end in my shoe laces. You have to be careful that the mic cords are the correct length, otherwise you can trip yourself. Trust me. You can trip yourself.

Miss Piggy Robe

This is my favorite costume. I call it my Miss Piggy robe. Again, subtle. Are you seeing a pattern? This is the first half of "Mister Man". The muppet extravaganza is thrown offstage by moi to reveal...

The Big Reveal

TaDa! When we started previews, there weren't as many rhinestones on my chest. They keep adding more, because you really couldn't already see my boobs from SPACE or anything.

Packard Realness

This is Mona's "Packard" outfit, designed to match her car. I love this hat, but only wear it for like, a minute. I also wish we saw her Pomeranian that is talked about, I would have him in a matching hat and cape.

Don't Drink Red Gatorade Pants

Top of Act 2: "Dames At Sea"! I wear a lot of pants in the show. Duh. Mona wears the pants. Always. The only reason I'm not a fan of these pants is because I like to drink red Gatorade at intermission...I found out I can't. The hard way.

Sweating in the Rain(coat)

"Raining In My Heart". Plastic. Under lights. After you have been sweating. That is all.

The Big Hat

I need you to take a moment to realize that Mona wears all of these outfits IN ONE DAY. Carry on. I love this hat, but it took me a while to learn how to not knock out my costar with it. All of these changes are done by my amaze dressers backstage. All are quick. It's a nut house back there.

DISCLAIMER: There is another costume here, for "Echo Waltz", however it happens in 17 seconds, and I would not be here writing this if I made anyone take a photo of it. You will just have to see the show. Sowwy.

The Scandal Robe

After the missing costume, Mona is in the Captain's robe. Escandelo! I can't tell you why. Too bad.

Somebody's Getting Married

Finally! The end of the costume parade! The wedding! I love this, except when the boys step on it and I go flying backwards. It also looks so lovely against the wiring and cables.

Ok, that was a lot of clothes. But after having only one real costume in Matilda, I am in HEAVEN. David Woolard and his team, as well as Tricorne, who built them are genius, and always manage to make me look good. Even after too many Schmackary's cookies.

Run, don't walk over to Broadway's Helen Hayes Theatre to see Lesli Margherita (and the rest of the amazing cast) in 'Dames at Sea'.