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Will Broadway’s Beetlejuice Be the Most Stylish Show of the Season?

Last updated March 12th, 2019 by Josh Ferri
Will Broadway’s Beetlejuice Be the Most Stylish Show of the…

Photo by Matthew Murphy

If you aren’t excited AF for the Broadway production of Beetlejuice

, it’s because you aren’t paying enough attention. Tony-nominated visionary Alex Timbers shepherds this fun, adult-aimed musical adaptation of Tim Burton’s beloved 1989 film of the same name, and everything the show has released so far has been perfection. By the looks of it, Beetlejuice is Broadway's most stylish new musical. Let’s discuss.
It's showtime beetlejuice gif

First off, they hired Alex Timbers to helm this. Timbers is a genius. His work includes the radical, environmental musical Here Lies Love; he brought The Pee-wee Herman Show to life onstage; he made us see Neverland anew with Peter and the Starcatcher; and even with Rocky, Broadway has never seen anything like that final fight scene. The best part about his work (including Bloody Bloody and Robber Bridegroom) is that it has a distinct point of a view, and there’s always going to be a moment you have not seen onstage before.

Next Timbers recruits David Korins and William Ivey Long for the set and costume design, and my gosh have they delivered. William Ivey Long is one of Broadway’s most prolific costume designers. Charles G LaPoint is doing the wig and hair design, and he’s the best (as his work in Hamilton, The Cher Show, SpongeBob, Motown, Side Show & Jersey Boys can attest).

Alex Brightman- Beetlejuice-Broadway Musical
Photo by Matthew Murphy

And by the looks of photos and Instagrams alone, I’d give Emmy winner David Korins his overdue Tony Award. Look at how cool and original this set looks while also being immediately and obviously set in the world of Tim Burton.

Meanwhile, Matthew Murphy (the reigning king of Broadway production photography) is setting an exciting tone with his hyper-stylized promo images, as well as some of the photos he shot for the musical’s DC tryout. I, for one, want to spend time in this world.

Matthew Murphy-Beetlejuice-Musical-Broadway
Photo by Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy-Beetlejuice-Musical-Broadway- Alex Brightman-Sophia Caruso
Photo by Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy-Beetlejuice-Musical-Broadway-Evan Zimmerman
Photo by Evan Zimmerman/Murphy Made

Matthew Murphy-Beetlejuice-Musical-Broadway-DC
Photo by Matthew Murphy

Finally, a shout-out to the social and ad team behindBeetlejuice, who is killing the game with brand-building posts like these.

There’s no denying, Beetlejuice branding is tight, exciting, and total unique. It all screams to be experienced live.

Beetlejuice scream

Beetlejuice begins previews at The Winter Garden Theatre on March 28.