Hot Clip of the Day: Laura Benanti's Stunning Soprano

Last updated April 30th, 2020 by BroadwayBox Staff
Hot Clip of the Day: Laura Benanti's Stunning Soprano

Each day, the Bbox team trolls YouTube for the hot clip—sometimes it's a brand-new moment and sometimes it's a throwback to an oldie but goodie. No matter what praise hands are shot up, pearls are clutched and the repeat button is hit.

"No One Is Alone" (Laura Benanti, Molly Ephraim, Stephen DeRosa, Adam Wylie)

Ulterior Motives: We are likely all, as a theatre community, recovering from the moving and glorious a capella performance by Bernadette Peters of this song in Take Me To The World. Looking back eighteen years to 2002, Broadway saw a revival of the beloved Stephen Sondheim musical Into The Woods from which this song was performed by another acclaimed Broadway actress. The cast featured Vanessa Williams as The Witch, Laura Benanti as Cinderella, John McMartin as The Narrator, Gregg Edelman as Cinderella's Prince and Christopher Sieber as Rapunzel's Prince. The cast appeared on Rosie to perform this musical theatre jewel led by Laura's lovely performance as Cinderella.

Ultimate 🙌 🙌 moment: Laura Benanti's beautiful soprano is so crystalline clear. We love her ever so slight look at 2:18. Our fave moment is right at 3:11 when the final harmony hits on the word "alone" and Laura is floating above with that gorgeous note.