Vicki Lewis Appreciation Spiral! See Anastasia’s New Star Belting Her Face Off

Last updated March 6th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
Vicki Lewis Appreciation Spiral! See Anastasia’s New Star B…

Vicki Lewis returns to Broadway after a 15-year absence on Tuesday, March 27 as Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch (a fun-loving Russian aristocrat living in Paris with the Dowager Empress) in the hit musical Anastasia

. Lewis replaces Caroline O’Connor, and it’s perfect because, like her predecessor, this lady knows how to stop a show. If you are unfamiliar with her incredible voice, better buckle up ‘cause we’re doing a deep dive.

“Shoeless Joe”, Damn Yankees Tony Awards Performance,

Will you ever hear a Gloria Thorpe sing this song better? If you can’t do the whole dance break, just fast forward to 1:36 and steady yourself because the vibrato will blow you back.

“All That Jazz”, Chicago

The last time Vicki (who starred on TV’s Newsradio for six years and whose TV IMDB is its own entity) was on Broadway was a Velma Kelly in 2001. Just listen to her finish this number (starting at 1:57). Queen.

“I’m Breaking Down”, Falsettos in Los Angeles

Here she brings that sitcom timing as Trina and it’s absolutely everything.

“Sing Happy”, Flora the Red Menace

Why don’t more people perform “Sing Happy” in concert? When you nail this song, you NAIL it. PS: Vicki nails it. I gave applause at my desk.

Funny Girl & Anything Goes Medley

Listen to her slay these iconic songs like it’s NBD. Legit just belting for the gods and making it look effortless. Funny Girl is the first minute and Anything Goes begins around 1:10, which you need to hear for the “Blow Gabriel Blow”.

"Hit Me with a Hot Note"

::Dead emoji:: What is there even to say?!


I’ve never heard anyone but Chenoweth truly sell this song until Vicki Lewis. What a huge voice.

“Could I Leave You”, Follies

It wouldn’t be a proper spiral without a Sondheim number. #BetYourAss

Major Gypsy Medley

Ending with her Rose because it doesn’t get more epic than someone’s Gypsy.

Don't miss Vicki Lewis in 'Anastasia' at Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre beginning March 27.