What We Learned About Hello, Dolly! Bernadette Peters & Victor Garber During WHHL (And It's A LOT!)

Last updated March 8th, 2018 by Josh Ferri
What We Learned About Hello, Dolly! Bernadette Peters & Vic…

The two phenomenal new headliners of Hello, Dolly!

were on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on March 7, and we learned some new stuff about this legendary pair.

Bernadette loves your entrance applause but hates your bootlegs and noisy snacks.

PS: Don’t text in your seat when Victor Garber can see you!

Victor Garber Says an Alias Reboot Ain’t Happening

PS: Bernadette Still Stands for Smash

Bette Gifted Bernadette Her Dolly Levi Research (And She Hasn’t Finished Reading It Yet)

PS: Charlie Stemp is bae.
PPS: Victor thinks Jack should have died in Titanic.
PPPS: Bernadette has lifted a moment from Carol Channing.
PPPPS: They both think Whoopi would be a great next Dolly.

Don't miss Bernadette & Victor in 'Hello, Dolly! at Broadway's Shubert Theatre.