#FlashbackFriday: BroadwayBox Counts Down Our Ultimate 10 Tony Performances

Last updated May 2nd, 2014 by Josh Ferri
#FlashbackFriday: BroadwayBox Counts Down Our Ultimate 10 T…

For the next six Fridays leading up the 68th Annual Tony Awards, BroadwayBox counts down the Ultimate Top 10 Tony Performances, with the help of five fantastic guest bloggers. BBox editor Josh Ferri kicks things off with his 10 picks below; circle back every Friday to see a new list of 10 and tweet us yours.

10. “Willkommen,” Cabaret, 1967

It’s always a treat to return to Tony winner Joel Grey's original Master of Ceremonies. This video comes alive for me when the cast of characters join the fun at the 3 minute mark, and by the time they are all stomping at 4:25, I’m all teary.

9. “Turkey Lurkey Time,” Promises, Promises, 1969

I want seconds and thirds of everything Donna McKechnie is serving in this number. This must have been the origin of the phrase “full out.”

8. “I Will Never Leave You,” Side Show, 1998

I deliberated for hours between this number and “I Got Love” from Purlie, but when joint Tony nominees Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner start belting at 2:16, it becomes undeniable. This was a special moment in Tony performance history. (Thanks to those I begged to help break the tie!)

7. “Rose’s Turn,” Gypsy, 2003

What is there to say about Bernadette Peters’ Tony night performance? She didn’t win the award that year, but she walked away with the awards show. This is Acting with a capital “A”…and Breakdown with a capital “B.”

6. “The Lambeth Walk,” Me and My Girl, 1987

Tony winner Robert Lindsay is working his butt off in this number, and the song is catchy as hell. I didn’t stumble upon it until a few years ago, but it’s become a fast favorite.

5. “A New Argentina,” Evita, 1980

The many nights of my life I’ve spent channeling Tony winners Patti and Mandy while reenacting this video in my dorm, my first apartment and countless car rides.

4. “My Body,” The Life, 1997

Tony winner Lillias White has given so many amazing Tony performances, but the sass from every hooker in this number is off the charts. And in addition to being a terrific Tony number, it’s a great getting ready to go out on the town song. #IDontGiveaDamn

Felicia Finley - The Life- GIF
Work that neck Ms. Finley!

3. A Scene from Lettice and Lovage, 1990

Before she was the ever-quotable Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey, Tony winner Maggie Smith was the ever-quotable tour guide Lettice Douffet in the play Lettice and Lovage. Watch the sparks fly between her and Margaret Tyzack, who also picked up a Tony for her performance in this play. PS: Why don’t the Tony’s do scenes anymore?!

2. “We’ll Take A Glass Together,” Grand Hotel, 1990

How do you not just beam from ear to ear watching the suave Brent Barret and the nimble Tony winner Michael Jeter throwing themselves around that pole?!

1. “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” Dreamgirls, 1982

If there were a picture next to the definition of Tony Awards performances, it would be Tony winner Jennifer Holliday, arms outstretched, taking her big deep breath before that final “me.”

Check back every Friday until June 6 to see each new celebrity guest blogger’s Top 10 Tony Performance list.