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Five Great Quotes About Love from The Musical Once

March 18th, 2014 by

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Five Great Quotes About Love from The Musical Once

As the Tony Award-winning Best Musical Once begins its third year at Broadway’s Jacobs Theatre, BroadwayBox looks back on the five most arresting quotes about love from Enda Walsh’s Tony-winning book. If you haven’t seen it yet (Um, what are you waiting for?!), Once is beautiful and romantic musical about an Irish Guy and Czech Girl who pour their passion into their music; now you’re ready to read.

“When you’re a man of passion - passion can get the better of you - words spill out.” —Billy

Once- Paul Whitty

Photo by Joan Marcus

Paul Whitty as Billy and Elizabeth A Davis as Reza in 'Once'

“This man is sweet. He has the same soul as you.” —Reza

Once- Katrina

Photo by Joan Marcus

Katrina Lenk as Reza in 'Once'

“You can not walk through your life leaving unfinished love behind you!” —Girl

Once- Joanna

Photo by Joan Marcus

Joanna Christie as Girl in 'Once'

“Love’s all very well but in the hands of people it turns into soup.” —Bank Manager

Andy Taylor Once

Photo by Joan Marcus

Andy Taylor (center) as the Bank Manager in 'Once' (Also pictured Erikka Walsh and Paul Whitty)

“You’ve turned love around for me and you’ve done it in five days. And yeah I wrote these songs at another time for another girl but when I sing it’s for us, I think, it’s you I see in the songs...” — Guy

Once- Paul Nolan- Joanna Christie

Photo by Joan Marcus

Paul Alexander Nolan as Guy and Joanna Christie as Girl in 'Once'