Dance the Day Away with the Fantastic, Live On Your Feet! Cast Recording

Last updated June 28th, 2016 by Josh Ferri
Dance the Day Away with the Fantastic, Live On Your Feet! C…

The cast of the Gloria and Emilio Estefan musical On Your Feet!

did something super cool for their cast recording: they recorded it live at the theatre, so it sounds like nothing else in the Broadway scene right now. BroadwayBox listened to the Masterworks Broadway album, and every single cliche "rhythm is going to get you" joke is 100% true here. Below, Bbox reacts in animated GIF to hearing each track for the very first time.

1. Rhythm is Gonna Get You (Company)

On Your Feet- Track 1
Yup, already getting the body moving. Also, because it's live all the book is there too, so be ready for that.

2. Cuando Salí de Cuba (Alexandria Suarez)

ON Your Feet- Alexandria
Damn, Alexandria's voice is amazing. #ThisIsLivePeople

3. Tradición (Alexandria Suarez, Ana Villafane & Company)

On Your Feet- Tradicion
Legit your body just takes over, and you can't stay still. I already added it to every summer playlist I have.

4. Anything For You (Ana Villafane & Genny Lis Padilla)

On Your Feet- Anything for You GIF

5. 1-2-3 (Ana Villafane & Company)

On Your Feet GIF
Am I listening to my album of the summer? I think so... #SummerVibez

6. I See Your Smile (Josh Segarra & Ana Villafane)

On Your Feet- Track 6
Now that's a really beautiful love duet.

7. Mi Tierra (Andrea Burns & Company)

On Your Feet- Mi Tierra
Want to stop your show cold? Hire Andrea Burns. #SlayQueen

8. Con Los Años Que Me Quedan (Male Ensemble, Josh Segarra & Ana Villafane)

On Your Feet - Track 8
Major mood music. Plus, Segarra is beyond adorbs in this scene.

9. Here We Are (Ana Villafane & Josh Segarra)

Track 9- On Your Feet

10. When Someone Comes Into Your Life (Eliseo Román)

Track 10- ON Your Feet
That was beautifully sung and moving AF.

11. Conga (Ana Villafane & Company)

Conga GIF- On Your Feet- Mad Men

12. Get On Your Feet (Ana Villafane & Company)

On Your Feet Broadway GIF
This album is perfect for BBQ, pool moments, road trips, and/or sunny home alone dance parties.

13. Live for Loving You (Ana Villafane, Alma Cuervo & Company)

On Your Feet- Track 13

14. You'll be Mine, Party Time (Ana Villafane & Company)

Party Time GIF
Seriously, having the time of my life since Track 11.

15. Oye Mi Canto (Company)

Track 15- On Your Feet
Fun, danceable song with a super serious book scene at the end.

16. Cuba Libre (Ana Villafane & Company)

Track 16
The song is an absolute blast, but it's another one that ends with a serious book scene. Just a warning in case you are trying to turn up.

17. Famous (Ana Villafane)

Track 17- On Your Feet
Damn! Bravo to Ana Villafane. She is doing so much heavy lifting on this show/album. She doesn't stop and she sounds flawless.

18. If I Never Got to Tell You (Andrea Burns & Josh Segarra)

Track 18
I wonder if this would be a beautiful mother/son dance song at a wedding...

19. Wrapped (Ana Villafane & Company)

Wrapped- On Your Feet
Unexpected but this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I'm not as familiar with it but it's fabulous.

20. Don't Wanna Lose You (Josh Segarra & Company)

Don't wanna lose you
Just give into the emotions. #EmoAF

21. Reach (Company)

Reach- On Your Feet

22. Coming Out of the Dark (Ana Villafane & Company)

Coming Out of the Dark GIF
This is a great track.

23. Mega Mix (Company)

Mega Mix On Your Feet
You HAVE to download this track. It's absolutely everything.
Mega Mix On Your Feet

On Your Feet GIF- Dancing
This album is def. worth the download, and it's great for the show because now I'm dying to go back.

See On Your Feet! live at Broadway's Marquis Theatre.