Carly Hughes: Five Albums That Rocked My World

Last updated July 30th, 2015 by Carly Hughes
Carly Hughes: Five Albums That Rocked My World

Incoming Chicago star Carly Hughes is hotter than New York in August, with eight Broadway credits to her name including starring roles in Pippin, Chicago and Beautiful. Now she takes the stage at 54 Below for her solo debut concert, which can be described as “if Dinah Washington & Nancy Wilson met up with Jessie J and Amy Winehouse for cocktails”. But before you see her live on August 7, hear from Hughes about the five albums that completely rocked her world.

Harry Belafonte— Calypso Why I Chose It: It's part of the soundtrack of my childhood.

Year I Discovered It: I was maybe 6 or so, that I remember, and my mom began playing it in the car all the time. It was a soundtrack of her childhood as well and she introduced it to me and my younger brother... We loved it!

Ultimate track: It's a tie between “Day-O” & “Man Smart (Woman Smarter)”. Which ironically are the first and last song on the album.

Nancy Wilson— Broadway My Way Why I Chose It: I'm obsessed with Nancy's voice and her musicality. I've loved it since I was a child; she's one of my life's influences. This album launched me into rediscovering tons of her other original vinyl. And this happens to one of the only ways I like to listen to musical theatre for fun! Lol

Year I Discovered It: I first heard this one probably in college. But I found the actual vinyl album last year on Ave A, and I play it all the time.

Ultimate track: “A Lot Of Livin' To Do.”

Lizz Wrigh—Salt Why I Chose It: This album was played over and over, my senior year of college. And every song meant something different to me.

Year I Discovered It: It was my senior year, I was in LA for spring break deciding which city to move to after graduation... And I couldn't get enough of her soulful, haunting voice!

Ultimate track: “Salt”

En Vogue—Funky Divas Why I Chose It: This album constantly reminded that whatever I ended up doing in life, whatever career I chose, had to involve singing! I knew these songs backwards and forwards, inside and out! Lol

Year I Discovered It: I was maybe 10, around the age where school talent shows happen... And also the age where it's highly appropriate to reenact every EnVogue music video you saw on TV!

Ultimate track: I mean, let's get serious, this album is full of ultimate tracks! But for now we'll go with "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" —those red dresses in that video!!!! Boom.

Amy Winehouse—Lioness: Hidden Treasures Why I Chose It: I think she brings the perfect blend of ‘60s, modern pop, and herself, to every song. When I finally make an album, I think it will definitely have some of her influence. It's like a "Throwback of yourself". Ha!

Year I Discovered It: I bought this when it first came out, 2011. And surprise! It has MY song on it.... "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" Duh.

Ultimate track: “Valerie ('68 Version)”

For a hot blend of jazz, pop and everything in between, check out Carly Hughes’ solo debut at 54 Below on August 7.