Broadway Unplugged: Be More Chill Cast & Creators Come Together For an Awesome, Acoustic Version of "The Pants Song"

Last updated July 27th, 2018 by Joe Iconis, Jason "SweetTooth" Williams, George Salazar, Danielle Gimbal & Charlie Rosen

Be More Chill

fans, are you ready to have your mind blown for 3 minutes?! Because Joe Iconis (the composer & lyricist of the new hit off-Broadway musical) dropped by the studio with two of the musical's stars, Jason "SweetTooth" Williams & George Salazar, Charlie Rosen (the orchestrator and musical supervisor), and Danielle Gimbal (Be More Chill's music assistant) to perform a incredible, fun, acoustic new version of the "The Pants Song". This arrangement is totally unique and totally badass, and we should warn you, your face might hurt from smiling by the end of this song. If you can snag a ticket, don't miss the New York premiere of Be More Chill at The Pershing Square Signature Center through September 23.