Broadway Tour Guide: Phantom of the Opera Star Ellen Harvey’s Four NYC Musts

Last updated January 16th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
Broadway Tour Guide: Phantom of the Opera Star Ellen Harvey…

NYC-based actress Ellen Harvey stars as the mysterious ballet choreographer, Madame Giry, in Broadway’s longest-running hit musical The Phantom of the Opera. But when she’s not banging her cane for ballerinas or chasing the Phantom, Harvey is taking advantage of living in The City That Never Sleeps. In the new feature, Broadway Tour Guide, Harvey shares what she believes are the top four places anyone visiting NYC should check out.

“Of course New York has so many WONDERFUL things to do year round, so I thought it might be fun to talk about things I like to do each SEASON of the year!”

Rockefeller Center in Midtown

Rockefeller Center

Wintertime: Something I have to do every year is go see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. To me, it just inspires the beauty of the season, and it literally takes my breath away when I walk around the corner and there it is. I just love it. (You can also grab an amazing cupcake and cup of coffee at Magnolia Bakery to help keep you cozy and warm!)

Little Branch in the West Village


Springtime: For the over 21 crowd, one of my favorite places to go in the West Village is Little Branch. It’s an underground speakeasy with live jazz, where you feel transported back into the 1920’s and the “mixologists” will make you a drink upon request—or you can sample one of their house cocktail-concoctions. Entry and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis but it’s so worth it. I always try to come early in the week when it's not too crowded.

79th Street Boat Basin on the Upper West Side

79th Street Boat Basin

Summer: My absolute favorite place to go is the 79th Street Boat Basin. If they were open all year round, I’d never leave! It’s on the Hudson River and you can watch the sun set from this outdoor café. And you can bring your dog here! So grab your pooch and head over there on a beautiful summer afternoon where you can enjoy salads and burgers, along with your favorite beverage. (They’ll even provide a doggy water bowl!)

The Cloisters Museum in Upper Manhattan

The Cloisters

Fall: There is no question that fall is one of my favorite times of the year. To see the leaves change both in Central Park and around the city is just spectacular. But to experience a hidden gem, head up to the tip of Manhattan to the Fort Tryon Park and visit the Cloisters Museum. This museum has one of the most beautiful collections of medieval art, a gift of John D. Rockefeller to the city of New York. And as you experience the grounds of the museum, not only will the leaves be changing around you in the park, you can look across the Hudson River and see the Palisades just lit up with vibrant oranges and reds.