14 Ways Jersey Boys Is Cooler Than Grease

Last updated January 14th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
14  Ways Jersey Boys Is Cooler Than Grease

On January 14, the Tony-winning musical Jersey Boys becomes the 14th longest-running show in Broadway history. With 3,389 performances, the smash hit about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons surpasses the iconic musical Grease to take the title. To commemorate this occasion, BroadwayBox highlights the 14 ways in which Jersey Boys is actually cooler than Grease.

1. No matter how high Danny Zuko sings in “Summer Nights,” Frankie Valli sings higher.

2. Tommy DeVito is so much more badass than Kenickie.

Jersey boys- Tommy Devito- Grease

3. Clint Eastwood (AKA Dirty Harry) is directing the film adaptation.

Jersey Boys- Movie-

4. Jersey is so much tougher than Chicago (where Grease is set).

Jersey Boys- Sopranos

5. Case in point, no one is mobbed-up Grease.

6. Jersey Boys is a true story

7. Young Joe Pesci is a character, accent and all.

Jersey Boys- Joe Pesci

8. Mary Delgado is totally what Rizzo grows up to be.

Jersey Boys- Mary Vs Rizzo

9. The music industry is more glamorous than any high school, even on prom night.

10. Bob Gaudio loses his virginity to a hooker and then creates "Oh, What a Night."

Jersey Boys- Oh What a Night

11. There’s an epilogue, so you actually know what happens to the characters you just invested two hours in watching.

12. What’s more romantic than "Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You"? #RomanceIsCool

13. Jersey Boys actually won Best Musical, sorry Grease.

Jersey Boys- Tony night

14. There’s an awesome finale where you get to dance. And you may not think dancing is cool, but after two hours of Jersey Boys, you are going to want to dance.