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From Found to Heathers to Chris Miller, It's All in the Set List for Barrett Wilbert Weed

August 25th, 2015 by

From Found to Heathers to Chris Miller, It's All in the S...

There are few young Broadway singers who can stop a show with her vocals the way Barrett Wilbert Weed can. The Bbox crew is still living over those Heathers moments, then to see her work in Found and Cabaret just cements what a rising star she is. On September 2, the Drama Desk and Lortel Award nominee makes her solo show debut at 54 Below with a one-night-only performance where she is going to sing the house down with her favorite songs. Barrett Wilbert Weed gives BroadwayBox a sneak peek at that set list as she answers 10 random and fun questions with song titles from the upcoming show.

1. Song to describe growing up in Massachusetts:
“Fields of Gold”. My mother is obsessed with Sting, Miles Davis and The Dixie Chicks. Most mornings I would wake up to Sting blasting through our house. My mother and I share this totally annoying gene where we can listen to the same song or album on repeat for years at a time. It's something insane people do.

2. Song I have always dreamed of singing on a New York stage:
“Jolene”. I'm crazy about Dolly Parton. I think she's easily the smartest and bravest songwriter in recent history. Do you know she has over 3,000 published songs? AND she's nice AND she's a great actress AND she rescues bald eagles. I can't even handle that information.

3. Song to describe my relationship with the city:
Probably “In Your Atmosphere” by John Mayer. It's supposed to be a song about not wanting to go to LA anymore because of a breakup, but in my mind it's about breaking a bad habit and staying home. That's how I feel about LA and New York. LA is creepy. I've spent too much time there.

Other than the food, my friends there and the eastern most part of the city, LA has zero redeeming qualities. New York makes me feel smart and happy. It's a real place. New York expects you to do big things. It's an old city with its own agenda. Someone lived in my apartment before me and someone will be there after me. It's hard to live here. I wouldn't want to live in an easy place. What's fun about that?

4. Song I’d dedicate to the fans:
Barf Bag Breakup from Found. I feel so connected to everyone who came to see that show. It was such a special, weird, sweet chapter in my career so far. I love performing in small spaces. You have no choice but to connect.

5. Song that can be used to describe how I spent my summer:
“Free Man in Paris” by Joni Mitchell. It's really nice to run away.

6. Song that perfectly sums up Heathers:
“Coffee” by Michael John LaChiusa. I'll just leave it at that.

7. Most feel-good song I sing:
Either “Steve McQueen” or “If It Makes You Happy”, both by Sheryl Crow. My feel-good songs are more about beats and noise than soft feelings. Soft feelings are fun too, but sometimes they make for very boring performances.

8. Song that best shows off my sense of humor and the way I see the world:
“Supermodel” by Jill Sobule.

9. Song that could bring me to tears on the right/wrong day:
Anything Chris Miller has ever written. Literally anything. I've always felt that way about his music. There's a stark quality to everything. It's vulnerable and funny and it bleeds a little. That's what humans are at their core, funny, vulnerable little things that bleed sometimes. Hopefully not too much.

10. Song I would use as the Barrett Wilbert Weed theme song:
I'm not sure! I think I have a new theme song every day. My superstitious nature is telling me not to pick one. Welcome. Welcome to my brain.

Don't miss Barrett Wilbert Weed's one-night-only show at 54 Below on September 2.