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Michele Lee Shares her Wicked Dreamcast, Knots Landing Memories & Current TV Obsessions

August 5th, 2015 by

Michele Lee Shares her Wicked Dreamcast, Knots Landing Memo…

Her Emmy-nominated star turn on one of TV's highest-rated and most-beloved nighttime soaps gave Michele Lee plenty of practice being Wicked

. That's right; the Tony nominated star of Seesaw, TV's Knots Landing and the film adaptation of How to Succeed is back on Broadway as the manipulative Madame Morrible in the Broadway blockbuster Wicked. Below, we chat with Lee about her time in Oz, cherished memories from the set and the TV shows she can't get enough of.

1. What I love most about playing Madame Morrible is:
The fact that it is so far from anything I've ever played before. I get a chance to etch-a-sketch in whatever way I choose. Some people don't know that she is really “horrible Morrible”. Some people don't know that it's Michele Lee.

Michele Lee- Wicked- broadway- Madame Morrible- Interview

Photo by Joan Marcus

2. If the Wicked fans were going to watch one clip to get an idea of Knots Landing, it should be:
The clip I would choose is from the pilot episode where young Ewings, Gary and Val, introduce me (Karen) to Patrick Duffy.

Knots Landing- Pilot- Meet the Neighbors- GIF- Michele Lee- Patrick Duffy- Karen- Val- Gary

3. The most memorable day on set for How to Succeed in Business was:
The day everybody stopped filming to celebrate my birthday.

4. Lyric or phrase from Seesaw I still catch myself thinking about:
I have two answers: “Nobody does it like me” and “It's not where you start.”

SeeSaw Broadway- GIF- Michelle Lee- Nobody Does It Like Me

5. The coolest or most special souvenir I’ve kept from a set:
The electronic clapboard from the last scene ever shot on Knots Landing.

Clapboard- Knots Landing- Michelle Lee

6. TV show I can’t get enough of right now:
ALWAYS HGTV. Property Brothers or Love It or List It.

HGTV- Property Brothers- Love it or list it

7. If Wicked were entirely cast with pop culture celebs ___ as Elphaba, ____ as Glinda and ____ as Fiyero:
Kim Kardashian as Elphaba. Jennifer Lawrence as Glinda. Ashton Kutcher as Fiyero. Oprah Winfrey as Madame Morrible. Tony Hopkins as The Wizard.

See the legendary Michele Lee in 'Wicked' at Broadway's Gershwin Theatre.