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Seven Questions With

Matilda’s Rudolpho, Phillip Spaeth, Takes on Seven Questions All About Dance

August 6th, 2015 by

Matilda’s Rudolpho, Phillip Spaeth, Takes on Seven Question…

Phillip Spaeth originated the role of Mrs. Wormwood’s sexy Italian ballroom dance instructor Rudolpho in the acclaimed Broadway musical Matilda

; before that Spaeth was best known for featured roles in Smash (Dennis), Hairspray (Fender) and Broadway’s West Side Story (Federico) and Wicked (Chistery).
Phillip Spaeth- Actor- broadway- Credits- Shows

With so many amazing dance shows under his belt (#DanceBeltJoke) , BroadwayBox was eager to hear from Spaeth about his favorite musical numbers from film, TV and B’way.

1. What I love most about Rudolpho is:
How over-the-top and obnoxiously fearless he is!

Matilda GIF- Lesli- Spaeth- Broadway- Rudolpho- Loud-  Mrs. Wormwood

2. Ultimate dance sequence from a movie musical:
"Dance at the Gym" from West Side Story.

3. Dance sequence from a Broadway musical that could probably bring me to tears:
Once again, "Dance at the Gym" from West Side Story! The "Go! Mambo! Go! Mambo!" transition is the most exciting thing I've ever seen on stage.

Dance at the Gym- West Side Story GIF- Broadway- Mambo

Dance at the Gym- West Side Story GIF- Broadway- Mambo

Dance at the Gym- West Side Story GIF- Broadway- Mambo

4. If this song plays at a bar, you’ll see my dance moves for sure:
"Lovin' Is Really My Game" by Brainstorm. I love disco!

5. Most memorable day on the set of Hairspray:
The whole experience was one big celebration, but shooting "You Can't Stop the Beat" was the pinnacle. We all had so much fun together, and I feel like it shows on screen, especially in this number. It was also the last big sequence we shot, so everyone's emotions were running high and giving 150% every take.

Hairspray GIF- You Can't Stop the Beat GIF- Movie- Phillip Spaeth GIF

6. All-time favorite number from Smash:
Way too hard to chose one! I loved "Let's Be Bad"—I think it was smart and brilliantly executed. I also loved doing "Twentieth Century Fox Mambo" and "A Thousand and One Nights"

7. Dancer from A Chorus Line I feel I most relate to:
I think part of the beauty of A Chorus Line is that there are aspects of each character a performer can relate to as they grow in their career. Overall, I identify most with Paul, Cassie, and sometimes Sheila.

A Chorus Line- Original Broadway Cast- Paul- Cassie- Sheila

Check out Phillip Spaeth’s killer moves in ‘Matilda’ at Broadway’s Shubert Theatre.