20 Random Thoughts We Had While Watching Idina Menzel’s “Always Starting Over” Music Video

Last updated November 19th, 2014 by Josh Ferri
20 Random Thoughts We Had While Watching Idina Menzel’s “Al…

It’s no secret that the BroadwayBox team is a huge fan of the If/Then cast recording/score. So when the show debuted the new music video to “Always Starting Over,” we were ready! Some background on the moment: Idina’s character just suffered a loss and this is the 11 o’clock number for the Tony-winning leading lady. So here are 20 random thoughts we had the first time we watched it (confession: we’ve watched it four times since).

- My apartment needs exposed brick like what’s behind by Carmel Dean.
- Oh nice, they are going to split between the show and the studio.
- Double Idina—love it. (:23) She should do Side Show with herself.

Idina Menzel- If/Then- GIf- Broadway- Side Show

- James Snyder is so darn handsome. Oh wait, this is a serious song; back to seriousness.
- The “Always do” at :39 seconds is really nice.
- Oh yeah, I really do like this song. (:54)
- Holy smokes, Idina is doing a killer job acting in this show b-roll; did she win any awards for this role? #Robbed

Idina Menzel- If/Then-GIF-Broadway

- Yes ma’am! Here it is. (1:26)
- You know, not every star could pull off her big, big number in a t-shirt and cardigan.
- I need to see If/Then live again
- Wow that 1:54 cut was everything. So fierce.

Idina Menzel- If/Then-GIF-Broadway- Fierce

- Have they been sitting on this video since the recording last year or did they bring her back for this?
- Brian Yorkey’s lyrics are really strong.
- For such a big belter, her quieter, smaller moments are always really beautiful too.

Idina Menzel- If/Then-GIF-Broadway

- Hear it comes, Elsa (3:30)
- That living…I’m liiiiiviing. (3:47)

Idina Menzel- If/Then-GIF-Broadway- Living

- Her voice is so distinct. This is what a career is made of.
- She sings this eight times a week? My God.
- Tongue out singing—that’s how you make those sounds. Could have been useful to know back in my community theatre days/my Idina sing alongs in my car.

Idina Menzel- If/Then-GIF-Broadway- Tongue

- I’m just going to press repeat on this for a few.

Idina Menzel stars in 'If/Then' at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.