15 Signs You Aren’t Ready To Say, ‘Auf Wiedersehen Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Last updated September 10th, 2015 by Josh Ferri
15 Signs You Aren’t Ready To Say, ‘Auf Wiedersehen Hedwig a…

The Tony-winning musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch concludes its Broadway run on September 13, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to our favorite trans German rock goddess. Here are 15 signs that you, like us, are not ready to say goodbye to Hedwig.

1. You’ve considered getting a tattoo of “The Origin of Love” eye.


2. This photo causes a visceral reaction/you can identify exactly what part belongs to whom.


3. You got chills watching one or both of the John Cameron Mitchell on Rosie clips.

4. You still tweet Darren GIFS.

5. This “Wicked Little Town” line has a whole new meaning as you realize you only have mere days left to see it on Broadway.

JCM- WIcked Little Town GIF

6. You consider these holy artifacts.

Crazy night in the front row of @Hedwigonbway. We got the trifecta of swag.

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7. You know each of the Tits of Clay band members and follow at least one of them on Twitter or Instagram.

tits of clay- Hedwig and the angry inch- band
Photo by Bruce Glikas

8. You or someone you know saw Lena Hall’s “Random Number Generation” and you can still work it into conversation.

Lena Hall with the Hedwigs- All Hedwigs- Hedwig Broadway
Photo by Bruce Glikas

9. You can attribute improv lines/script changes to each Hedwig. “Tastes like Michael C. Hall.” “The bitch is black.” “I'm very crateful.” "You're wearing a kleenex!"

All Broadway Hedwigs
Photo by Joan Marcus

10. You have a Hurt Locker playbill kept amongst your actual saved playbills.


11. You can practically point to the seats in the theatre that will get car-washed and kissed by Hedwig. Also you know which box the Bishop visits.

NPh- car wash gif- hedwig gif

12. You scoured the interwebs for bootleg photos of Rebecca’s new butterfly finale costume the night after her first show.

Rebecca Naomi Jones- hedwig- Yitzhak
Photo by Joan Marcus

13. You don't need the bouncing balls to sing along to “Wig in a Box”.


14. You’ve seen a “Wig in a Box” wardrobe malfunction.

Neil Patrick harris- wig in a box- hedwig and the angry inch- broadway
Photo by Joan Marcus

15. You are still dreamcasting potential Hedwig/Yitzhak combos.


Hedwig plays its final performance on September 13 at Broadway's Belasco Theatre.