12 Random Thoughts I Had While Watching Bright Star on The Tonight Show

Last updated March 1st, 2016 by Josh Ferri
12 Random Thoughts I Had While Watching Bright Star on The …

The new Broadway musical Bright Star made its TV debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with our new favorite B'way diva Carmen Cusack singing Steve Martin and Edie Brickell's "Sun's Gonna Shine", and it was everything we wanted and more. Check out the clip below then share in our Bright Star excitement as we react to seeing it for the first time.

1. These strings are giving me the best parts of Once & CSC’s Allegro right now. Got it, vibe established.

Carmen Cusack- Bright Star GIF- Broadway

2. That voice. Yes! When’s the cast album?

3. Also living for that big hat. Can someone buy it at the merch stand or what?

Carmen Cusack - Bright Star

4. Omg yes to that strumming for the “you got the look, you got the feel, you got the face of true love”.

Bright Star GIF- Steve Martin- Carmen Cusack

5. Yup, this song is gonna be in my head all week and the only way to hear it is watching this clip over and over.

6. This number works even without the revolving set. The presentation is so effective and simple.

Carmen Cusack - Bright Star

7. “Palm of your hand”—yas, Carmen!

Carmen Cusack GIF- Bright Star GIF- Broadway

8. How amazing that we are witnessing a new Broadway star “being born”. A debut performance that should catapult her into full B’way leading lady status.

9. “The clouds are rolling” = holding onto my chair for support.

Carmen Cusack GIF- Bright Star GIF- Broadway

10. Cusack really has so much presence.

11. This little moment, all day long.

Carmen Cusack GIF- Bright Star GIF- Broadway- Dance

12. Aw, beautiful stage picture for the final tableau.

Carmen Cusack- Bright Star- Broadway

See Bright Star in all its glory at Broadway's Cort Theatre.