Tony Vincent Is Back On Broadway in Rocktopia & We Are YouTube Spiraling

Last updated March 20th, 2018 by BroadwayBox Staff
Tony Vincent Is Back On Broadway in Rocktopia & We Are YouT…

Photo by Emilio Madrid-Kuser

The insane-voiced Tony Vincent is back on Broadway beginning March 20 leading the musical concert Rocktopia

, which blends classic rock with classical music for a unique evening featuring some face-melting vocals.

BroadwayBox celebrates Tony Vincent’s return to Times Sq. with a look back on some of our favorite videos of The Voice contestant wailing on Broadway tunes.

“Superstar”, Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, 2000

We are starting with Superstar ‘cause obvi. It was such a breakout moment for Tony Vincent.

“Too Much Heaven on Their Minds/Everything’s Alright”, Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, 2000

Rosie really deserved that special Tony Award. Look at what she gave us! All these amazing musical moments from the ‘90s persevered.

“Simon Zealotes”, Simon Zealotes in Jesus Christ Superstar, 2000

Tony played Simon in that wonderful 2000 movie and made the most of the showstopper (hello 2:00-2:20) . All this Superstar is making me v. excited for the live NBC musical.

“And the Money Kept Rolling In”, Che in Evita, 2001

This is a gift that I didn’t know I needed but somehow YouTube did. Tony as Che? Yes! Someone email this to John Doyle for his upcoming ALW revue, Unmasked.

“Last Night on Earth”, St. Jimmy in American Idiot, 2010

Ok, now it’s time for St. Jimmy.

“St. Jimmy”, St. Jimmy in American Idiot, 2010

Just a taste of his truly electrifying performance as the personification of drug addiction. #ReviveAmericanIdiotOffBway

“Seasons of Love”, Roger in Rent, 1999

Tony made his debut in Rent playing both Mark & Roger so we have to include a little “Seasons of Love” moment.

“Sweet Transvestite/I Can Make You a Man”, Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Show, 2014

Damn, you don’t need vocals for Frank N Furter, but when you bring ‘em, it really just takes it to the next level.

“Sun and Moon”, Chris from Miss Saigon, 2005

Here’s a nice little cool down moment. Tony comes in around 2:17, though it’s all about that “and we meet in the sky” at 3:15.

“We Will Rock You”, Galileo Figaro in We Will Rock You, 2002

Closing out with some Queen. Here’s Tony (the original West End star) slayin that title number around 4:50.

Don't miss Tony Vincent in Broadway's 'Rocktopia' at the Broadway Theatre through April 29.